Garcinia Cambogia From Island Vibrance Now Includes Free EBook

Island Vibrance is pleased to now offer a free ebook with every Garcinia Cambogia purchase made on Amazon to help consumers reach even better weight loss results.
Garcinia Cambogia From Island Vibrance Now Includes Free EBook
Garcinia Cambogia From Island Vibrance Now Includes Free EBook

November 24, 2014 – Lopez Island, Washington (24 PRESS) — Island Vibrance is pleased to announce their new high end health supplement, Premium Garcinia Cambogia ( now comes with a free ebook to help consumers achieve maximum weight loss and improved health. Already a best seller on Amazon thanks to its potent ingredients and impressive results, this ebook is expected to really help consumers get the most out of their Garcinia Cambogia purchase.

Garcinia Cambogia from Island Vibrance is truly one of the premium weight loss support tools available on the market today. The powerful supplement can help individuals shed pounds, slim their waist line, and experience decreased cravings. Some consistent users have even reported increased energy with daily use. The premium pure HCA contained in Island Vibrance Garcinia Cambogia promotes fat burning, and is a natural and gentle way to decrease body mass while shedding pounds. Doctor's have recommended pure Garcinia Cambogia as a way to easily lose weight and decrease the number of times they want to eat in a day.

Said a spokeswoman for Island Vibrance, "We are so excited to offer this fantastic ebook to all of our consumers who purchase our premium Garcinia Cambogia on Amazon. It really does make what was already an excellent value even better". While Garcinia Cambogia feedback is showing it can be a popular stand alone weight loss tool, used in conjunction with the information found in this free ebook it is anticipated even greater health support can be achieved.

Premium Garcinia Cambogia ( is made in the United States in a FDA registered and GMP certified facility. The product is backed by a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee.

About Island Vibrance

Island Vibrance is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service by researching, formulating, producing and distributing all natural supplements that are pure, all natural and of the highest quality. Island Vibrance Garcinia ( is part of their premium supplement line.

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In&Out Health: Thanksgiving Special Offer

In&Out Health Is Giving A Special Discount On Their Derma Roller To The First 50 Customers Who Email Them For A Claim Code
In&Out Health: Thanksgiving Special Offer
In&Out Health: Thanksgiving Special Offer

Confucious and Mona introduce In&Out Health’s Derma Roller

November 24, 2014 – Dunblane, United Kingdom (24 PRESS) — In & Out Health’s Thanksgiving 75% discount ( on their Micro Needling Derma Roller is on offer for the first 50 people who email them for an Amazon Claim Code through their website. It's easy, click on the Thanksgiving link above to access the email address, Just add Claim My Code in the subject of the email and In & Out Health will be send it out to the first 50 people who claim it. The claim code is for 75% off for one product only. However In & Out Health would also like to remind everyone that further savings can be made on shipping costs by ordering two.

Hehir, founder of In & Out Health, reminds everyone that their 1.0mm needle length 540 Derma Roller comes with a unique nurse created treatment plan and Free Ebook and protective case. The sturdy case will protect the needles from being damaged on travelling and while in storage. Hehir cautions everyone to ensure it is kept out of the reach of children when being stored. The Free Ebook will be sent to all customers when orders have been shipped by Amazon.

The derma roller micro-needling tricks the body into activating the skins natural repair system to produce more collagen and elastin for toned, smoother and clearer skin.
It is simple device and easy to use and offers great value for money. Particularly when you compare it with the cost of expensive clinic treatments for scars and wrinkles.

The Derma Rolling System is a self-help skin care treatment product that can be used at a convenient time, in the comfort and privacy of the customer's own home. It is also being used successfully for minimising the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. There are many reviews from customers on Amazon, however there are also independent derma roller review sites with users of the derma roller reporting improvements in their skin texture, tone and appearance of their skin.

More information is provided on their website Derma Roller page and Derma Roller blog page. (

Hehir also advises that In & Out want to help and support their customers as much as possible. She welcomes anyone who has concerns about using the derma roller or any questions to message her directly through the Amazon messaging service and she will do her best to respond quickly.

As an Amazon seller, Hehir explains that customer feedback reviews are important. She says it is great to learn of customers' thoughts and opinion around the quality and use of the Derma Roller. In & Out learns from customers feedback; it helps inform the company about improvements and development of the product and company itself.

Hehir also explains customer reviews are a great source of information for future potential customers also and are greatly appreciated by the company. Understanding that customers lead busy lives, Hehir feels it is only fair to reward customers who take the time to leave a review. Therefore Hehir is providing another free ebook for anyone who leaves a review on Amazon.

About In & Out Health

In & Out Health is 'Here For You': a new socially responsible Amazon on-line health retailer (, that evaluates and tests innovative eastern and western products prior to retailing on line.

In&Out Health's first product being retailed on-line is a Skin Care Product, for both male and females

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Studies Show BCAAs Aid In Athletes' Recovery Quicker After Training

Bodybuilders and atheletes experience muscle soreness after intense workout and training. This is the reason why most of them use BCAA Supplements to aid in improving strength and faster muscle recovery.
Studies Show BCAAs Aid In Athletes' Recovery Quicker After Training

October 10, 2014 – Minden, Nevada (24 PRESS) — Recovering after an intense workout is a problem for those who are serious about their exercise and body building efforts. Evidence from multiple studies indicate that a BCAA Supplement (branched chain amino acid) reduces muscle soreness, improves performance and provides individuals with the ability to shrug off the fatigue that follows a rigorous training routine.

"BCAAs perform multiple functions, from maintaining muscle mass to preventing fatigue," said Andy Bernard, PR Executive of Muscle Momentum. "The body's normal response after intense activity is a feeling of tiredness and BCAAs help inhibit that response."

A recent study reported in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition indicated that individuals utilizing a BCAA supplement ( ( were less tired after a workout and experienced less muscle soreness. Current coping therapies include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and cold water immersion, along with anti-oxidants or caffeine to avoid weariness. The study concluded that BCAAs facilitated recovery and may be a more effective overall strategy.

BCAAs are essential building blocks for protein that creates muscle. The body can't manufacture the substances and has to obtain them from an outside source. When food doesn't supply the appropriate levels of BCAAs, a dietary supplement offers an easy way to get the needed nutrients.

Maintaining an appropriate level of amino acids is especially important for those over the age of 25, when muscle mass begins to diminish as part of the natural aging process. Unlike many chemical substances, the body doesn't filter BCAAs before sending them directly to the muscles where they're needed most.

The amino acids provide energy and assist the mind overcome the infamous "brain drain" that athletes encounter while powering through demanding workouts and training routines. BCAAs encourage the metabolism to build muscle during any training activity, from walking to lifting weights.

When the training routine is over, BCAAs provide energy the body requires to avoid excessive tiredness. One of the ways BCAAs work is by enabling the body to utilize glucose more effectively, allowing individuals to lessen and even avoid the typical feelings of exhaustion.

A BCAA supplement offers an easy means of obtaining the crucial amino acids required for muscle development and recovery following intensive workouts and training regimens. The supplements are appropriate for novice and experienced athletes at all levels of skill and ability for enhanced performance.

BCAA Force muscle building supplement is available on (

About Muscle Momentum

Muscle Momentum is a fast growing online fitness company that specializes in supplements such as BCAA Capsules ( and other home gym equipment

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Leading Edge Looks Launches New Blog Site

Leading Edge Looks is delighted to launch new blog site for enthusiasts of all things Beauty, Health, and Life related
Leading Edge Looks Launches New Blog Site

Blog Posts Will Include Videos

October 9, 2014 – Breinigsville, PA (24 PRESS) — Leading Edge Looks recently created their website in time for the launch of their successful hair growth product, the hair vitamins Healthy Hair Growth And Gain. Leading Edge Looks invite enthusiasts of all things Beauty, Health and Life related, content that's new and now, to read, interact, share, and enjoy their newly launched Blog page. Leading Edge Looks pride themselves on giving their Customers a community feeling.

The Blog page ( already has posts welcoming Visitors and offering them useful, practical health and beauty information, such as Head Massage for Hair Growth, and Dos and Don’ts of Hair Loss ( One of the posts mentions this helpful advice, "Do consider nutritional factors: Nutritional deficiencies may be contributing to an increase in hair loss, by weakening the hair shaft which can cause hair breakage and slower growth of new hair. B group vitamins are important for healthy hair growth, especially biotin. Too little biotin can lead to hair loss. Hair is made of protein, so healthy follicles are maintained by eating enough protein. Some people can't give themselves a healthy balanced diet with all the nutrients their body needs, or they don't know how to, others have medical illnesses that predispose them to nutritional deficiency. Hair growth may be reduced by nutrient deficiency, such as zinc deficiency, anorexia, anemia, crash dieting."

The Leading Edge Looks' posts are clear and concise, less than a page long, making them a quick and easy read, and offering valuable practical information. In a few paragraphs, Readers can take away tips, solutions, answers, and advice, that can be applied quickly. This practical, high-quality, highly relevant content answers health and beauty enthusiast's questions about their own beauty and health interests.

Leading Edge Looks Visitors have the option of inputting their comments. questions, results and/or experiences, to engage with the posts, and begin a conversation between Visitors and Blog Authors. Upcoming topics will include, nourishing care for hair, biotin for hair growth, hair growth products reviews, hair loss products, UV protection, hair vitamins, to name a few.

The Blog supplements the Leading Edge Looks Facebook Page, where the Leading Edge Looks team post things Beauty, Health and Life related, to interact with their Fans. The blog posts offer Visitors additional information about hair care, skin care, organic, health and fitness, personal care, and more. Leading Edge Looks Blog will also include Frequently Asked Questions posts, providing Readers with trustworthy knowledge to help the Reader re-imagine, update, and celebrate their own unique definition of beauty.

About Leading Edge Looks

Leading Edge Looks is an innovative health and beauty company. Health and beauty that delivers. Offering Quality Beauty Products and Health Products and Excellent Customer Service. There's something to inspire the best in everyone. Inner health, outer beauty. Creating Wow! The online store has its own brand, Healthy Hair Growth And Gain (, vitamins for hair growth, to promote faster growing, longer, thicker, stronger hair.

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Finesseur Encourages Use Of Food Scale For Standardizing Cooking Recipes

People who challenge themselves with tricky recipes need a measuring tool by their side. Kitchenware brand Finesseur shares why using a precision kitchen scale is a must-have for those who appraise their worth in the kitchen by the recipes they can give justice to.
Finesseur Encourages Use Of Food Scale For Standardizing Cooking Recipes
Finesseur Encourages Use Of Food Scale For Standardizing Cooking Recipes

October 9, 2014 – Oakland, CA (24 PRESS) — Although the Finesseur food scale is highly appreciated for the modern touch it brings to customers' kitchens, it is the measuring tool's usefulness when it comes to cooking that is given five-star approval. Knowing that their product helps customers create by-the-book and from-scratch recipes, Finesseur is happy that their kitchen scale is being considered a helpful tool in standardizing recipes for cooking.

With the ability to precisely measure small amounts of ingredients, the Finesseur digital food scale is one gadget that can be used to ensure family recipes come with signature taste, despite the number of remakes. "People will find themselves serving delicacies fresh from recipe books, even those they created from scratch," says Finesseur spokesperson Allison Montgomery. "The Finesseur measuring scale for the kitchen can become their indispensable tool to standardize recipes for cooking (, since it rids the ‘guessing' or ‘estimating' factor in weighing any ingredient, allowing them to achieve similar taste in their creations all the time."

Amazon customer Barbara F. Leary gives the tool the thumbs up on this. She says that the kitchenware is "a definite must for cooking recipes with metric measurements (" It can measure dry and wet ingredients with precision and ease, so complicated recipes like Beef Wellington and Savory Souffles become much simpler to pull off. Home cooks can redo family-favorite dishes without taste variances, and restaurateurs can maintain patrons who dine in just for their craved items in the menu.

"What makes our food scale with tare function a great partner in home and restaurant kitchens? It doesn't only help people become healthier. It also inspires them to use their imagination in cooking," adds Ms. Montgomery.

Commenting on the price-wise edge of their product, Ms. Montgomery asserts: "These times when quality seldom meets affordability, we trust that our products will satisfy consumers' search for value for money. We are confident that people will continue to discover other creative uses for our precision food scale not only in the kitchen, but in other aspects of their daily living as well."

About Finesseur

Finesseur brings fashion design, precise engineering, and top quality craftsmanship together in American kitchens. Finesseur believes kitchen tools ( should be not only functional, but also inspirational.

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Cook Healthier With Mister Kitchenware Muffin Pans

Baking just became healthier with non-stick silicone muffin pans.
Cook Healthier With Mister Kitchenware Muffin Pans
Cook Healthier With Mister Kitchenware Muffin Pans

October 9, 2014 – Chattanooga, Tennessee (24 PRESS) — Plenty of people love cooking and baking but one thing that takes the appeal out of preparing food especially with health conscious people is the fat content in food. Extra calories can put people off their favorite muffin recipes but with non-stick pans, the worry is actually taken care of.

Being non-stick, silicone muffin pans such as Mister Kitchenware can help lessen excess oil ( by eliminating the need to grease prior to baking. The 12-cup silicone muffin pan can be bought on Amazon and is making baking a healthier way to prepare baked goods.

Chris Moal, Mister Kitchenware representative, explains how the muffin may support in healthier baking. “People who are on the lookout for less calories and fat such as those who are trying to lose weight or those maintaining their weight may find pleasure in our product. There is simply no need to grease the pans before placing batter and baking your muffins or cupcakes, saving you from dreaded fat and calories. Traditional metal pans just cannot do all of that,” Moal explains.

Mister Kitchenware muffin pan is made of food grade and BPA-free silicone according to Moal. They are flexible, dishwasher safe, rust and odor resistant. These pans also save much needed space in the cupboard since they can be rolled, scrunched or twisted.

Silicone muffin pans may also be used for other purposes other than baking ( They can be used for freezing, heating, storing and molding things. One of the buyers of Mister Kitchenware even praised the pan for doing well when used as a soap mold. The user also said that the soap didn’t leave any residue even if the pan was not greased prior to use. One buyer of the pan also cautioned other buyers to use a metal cookie sheet under the pan to help in making it stiffer since the pan is really very flexible.

About Mister Kitchenware

Mister Kitchenware is an up incoming bake ware organization specializing in silicone bakeware ( ( They supply standard kitchen products for general customers worldwide. The company is aimed at giving experts and novices alike a good experience with baking.

Chris Moal

### Instant Read Thermometer Helps Reduce Over-Cooking Of Food Avoiding Harmful Diseases

Barbecue Meat to Safe Temperatures and Protect the Health and Wellbeing of One’s Family Instant Read Thermometer Helps Reduce Over-Cooking Of Food Avoiding Harmful Diseases Instant Read Thermometer Helps Reduce Over-Cooking Of Food Avoiding Harmful Diseases

Food poisoning and potential cancer and risks associated with under-cooking or over-cooking your meat. Use a barbecue thermometer to ensure you cook your meat to safe temperatures.

October 9, 2014 – Torquay, Devon (24 PRESS) — Food poisoning due to contaminated raw foods and under-cooked meat and fish is on the increase. That said, over-cooked meat is not healthy for consumption either as it contains traces of carbon which can lead to cancer. Cooking delicious and healthy food is not as easy as it may seem. The trick is to monitor the temperature of the food as it cooks to ensure it is not over-cooked or under-cooked.

Over-cooking food is at a higher risk during summer months when barbecuing tends to be more popular. The social aspects of barbecuing take over, with more chatter and laughter and less attention and care to cooking the food. It's understandable, as barbecuing is mostly about the entertainment factor, but the result is charred barbecued meat. This is extremely dangerous for one's health as charring releases carcinogenic substances which is known to cause cancer. Not to mention the fact that burned food is neither tasty nor enjoyable to eat.

A reliable solution to this problem is to use a Barbecue Thermometer ( which digitally measures the temperature of the food whilst cooking. There's no need to guess when the meat is cooked as a barbecue thermometer will measure when it is done to each person's liking. It is possible to cook meat exactly as one likes it with Quick Read Digital Cooking Thermometer, allowing the chef to enjoy entertaining friends around the barbecue whilst at the same time serve succulent, healthy meals.

The BBQ Thermometer ( provides a quick response, is impact and water-resistant and is easy to use with its large digital display and large buttons. It is safe to use since it is manufactured from food grade plastic, has a stainless steel probe and a probe cover for safe storage. Its high accuracy means it is able to measure small changes in temperature. In addition it has a feature that allows one to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, expanding the choice of recipes that have either of these metrics.

Enjoy having barbecues and take the guess work out of the meat perfectly. Reduce the risk of burning the steak and burgers or serving raw chicken – use a meat thermometer and be confident that the food is cooked to a safe temperature.

About is the ultimate kitchen gadgets manufacturer for enthusiastic home cooks and professional chefs alike who are seeking high-quality, convenient and effective kitchen tools, such as their Barbecue Thermometer (, to enhance their cooking pleasure and provide meals cooked to perfection. With some of the most competitive prices online today, is committed to keeping prices competitive whilst delivering superior customer service.

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Crafty World’s Self Healing Cutting Mat Gets Best Seller Status In Amazon’s Cutting Mat Category

Crafty World proudly reports that their Self Healing Cutting Mat achieved best seller status in Amazon’s cutting mat category a few days ago. This is definitely a very big achievement for the team.
Crafty World’s Self Healing Cutting Mat Gets Best Seller Status In Amazon’s Cutting Mat Category
Crafty World’s Self Healing Cutting Mat Gets Best Seller Status In Amazon’s Cutting Mat Category

This video explains the exciting features of the Crafty World cutting mat

October 9, 2014 – Wilmington, Delaware (24 PRESS) — The team at Crafty World proudly reports a huge achievement that their Self Healing Cutting Mat ( has reached in According to the team, a few days ago their Self Healing Cutting Mat was given the best seller status and ranked # 1 in the cutting mat category in the said online store.

Crafty World’s Self Healing Cutting Mat is a product that has been released since last year in Amazon. It has continued to constantly rise up in the store’s ranking and maintained its current overall 5 star customer rating.

Jade Cryson, the media spokesperson for Crafty World, had this to say regarding their achievement, “This definitely caught us by a surprise. Seeing our product with that best seller status is just amazing. It only lasted for a few days but we’re happy to see our cutting mat be classified as one of the best. Getting the #1 rank in Amazon in any category is not an easy feat and we’re very proud and happy with this achievement.”

According to the team, the positive feedback and results from their product is because of the time they spent researching and carefully testing the cutting mat. Crafty World claims that there were some delays during the production stage because they wanted to make sure that it is up to their standards. It seems that the team’s hard work has paid off.

Crafty World’s Self Healing Cutting Mat features self healing properties allowing the mat to reseal itself after every cut. This makes the mat friendly to rotary or cutting blades allowing it to reduce dulling. It is created using the highest quality materials that the team can source to provide strength and durability to the product.

The cutting mat ( is ideal for any types of arts & crafts projects and can be used by both children and adults. It is currently available in and comes with a 10 year 100% money back guarantee.

About Crafty World

Crafty World is a family owned business aimed at providing excellent quality and affordable craft supplies. They specialize in cutting mats ( plus many other craft supplies.

Jade Cryson


In&Out Health: Customers Are Reporting Great Results

Linda Hehir, owner of In&Out Health is feeling very proud these days. Her new product, the 1.0 mm Derma Roller is getting a great reception and its early days yet!
In&Out Health: Customers Are Reporting Great Results
In&Out Health: Customers Are Reporting Great Results

Best Kept Secret about how celebrities look good with dialog between Confucius and Mona Lisa

October 9, 2014 – Oakville, Ontario (24 PRESS) — Linda Hehir, owner of In&Out Health is feeling very proud these days. Her new product, the 1.0 mm Derma Roller is getting a great reception and its early days yet!

The 1.0 mm Derma Roller, is a micro needling system that will help maturing women diminish fine lines, up to moderate wrinkles, minimise age spots, and cellulite. The product has a small roller with 540 short sharp needles that customers roll over their skin. It aerates the skin making skin creams up to 1000 time more effective.

The small pin pricks also activate the body's natural response to produce collagen. The small punctures in the skin also provide the means for deep absorption of Vitamin based creams or serums ( into the mid-level of the skin to hydrate and moisturise it more effectively for improving elasticity. Wrinkles are considerably diminished. It helps with scars and irregular pigmentation marks as well. Linda highlights many users are happy with the initial results from using the Derma Roller.

But Linda cautions that long lasting results will take a month or more of in-home treatments, with progressive improvements each week. "It's great that many customers are seeing immediate results says Linda, "But the best is yet to come. It takes about one month for the skin's increased collagen production to be noticeable." For this reason there are even better improvements to come for customers who are consistently using the roller.

The 1.0 mm needle penetrates the epidermis and just touches the dermis in most skin types which is why the company’s product is featuring this needle length. (

Linda, a registered nurse (retired) and acupuncturist following evaluation and testing, is confident that the 1.0mm needle length is safe and effective treatment for in-home use. Linda again cautions that 1.0mm length needles are not for use on eyelids or directly to lips as the skin in these areas is a lot thinner which can cause bleeding.

Included with the product is a complete treatment plan that includes recommended frequency of usage, directions on how to roll over the face, infection prevention, safety information and it even has natural facials that can be applied after usage to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Linda is happy that customers are getting immediate benefits, but want's everyone to be aware of the need for good hygiene practices when using the Derma Roller. It is important to make sure that the product is washed in hot soapy water, rinsed, then immersed in rubbing alcohol to disinfect it before and after each use for 20 minutes. Linda also recommends that customer wash the skin area that will be "rollered" and disinfect it with an alcohol based hand wipe (or baby wipe).

Linda says she knows many customers are really excited about this product but it's important to be careful and avoid any problems with infection.

She notes that clinics can charge up to 10 times more for their treatments in a sterile environment with longer needle sizes. But with good hygiene practises our customers can get the same product benefits at a fraction of the cost.

About In & Out Health

In & Out Health is "Here For You": a new socially responsible on-line health product retailer (, that evaluates and tests innovative eastern and western products prior to retailing on line.

In&Out Health's first product scheduled to be retailed on-line is a skin enhancement tool, for both male and females

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ATAL Releases First Product In Anti-Aging Skincare Range

‘AdvantAGE’ Range Gives Youthful Boost To Users In Defying Nature
ATAL Releases First Product In Anti-Aging Skincare Range
ATAL Releases First Product In Anti-Aging Skincare Range

October 8, 2014 – Los Angeles, California (24 PRESS) — ATAL, a new skincare brand, has recently launched the first product, an Anti Aging face serum (, in its AdvantAGE range of skincare products on Amazon.

The first product to be released in the AdvantAGE range is the Age Defying Facial Serum, designed to stimulate collagen production while eradicating wrinkles. ATAL offers a high quality serum that integrates the proven most effective ratios of natural ingredients including Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, combined with Renovage, a cutting edge ingredient. ATAL anti aging serum returns skin elasticity and boosts hydration levels, improving both the skin's texture and appearance. The founder of ATAL is committed to providing high end skin care products ( at an affordable price. In comparison to similar products in this price range the ingredients offer all the advantages of a high end product, whilst representing incredible value for money.

Non-toxic, paraben and gluten free, the Age Defying Facial Serum is ideal for all skin types. "Age is what we make of it," said Penny, Founder of ATAL. "It is a part of our identity whether we like it or not and as we get older, it influences how we feel about ourselves. Our AdvantAGE range is designed to help slow the ever-ticking clock of nature down and keep skin looking beautiful, youthful and healthy at all times."

Currently offered at 63% off the recommended retail price (a SAVING of $50) this truly allows a broad spectrum of potential customers to sample and experience the benefits of the product. ATAL is confident that growth will naturally occur due to the quality and effectiveness of this premium skincare product that has visible, positive results in a relatively short space of time.

ATAL's Age Defying Serum is available on and from the company's own website.

About Atal Skin Solutions LLC

ATAL offers a holistic approach to product development, taking the best of nature and the greatest that science has to offer to create innovative skin care products ( that simply work. All ingredients are safe and effective, and have undergone rigorous clinical testing. ATAL's products are designed to be quick and easy to use, to take the fuss out of a skincare routine.

Penny Whiteley
+1 7026054402