CrossFit Coach, Barry Lavis, Releases New Video For Shoulder Warm-Ups With Resistance Bands

World-renown CrossFit coach and trainer, Barry Lavis, announced the release of his new video demonstrating the use of WOD Nation resistance bands for shoulder warm-ups that loosen, limber and help prevent injuries.

How to Warm Up Shoulders with Resistance Band

February 28, 2015 – San Francisco, CA (24 PRESS) — Lavis has been a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer for many years, training some of the most talented athletes around the world. He coached USAW Olympic weightlifters and knows the importance of warming up before beginning any type of physical training. He utilizes WOD Nation resistance bands ( and provides examples of their benefit with the release of his new video.

Lavis provides information and demonstrates the proper form and way to use WOD Nation resistance bands to prepare for CrossFit training and a variety of physical activities. The exercises are not for creating strength. The movements are designed specifically to foster mobility preparatory to workouts.

The shoulder warm-ups can be utilized by anyone to remain flexible. They’re particularly beneficial for individuals that spend long hours at a desk or in front of a computer to relieve stress in the shoulders, neck and back. The warm-ups require little time, are effective with just 15 repetitions and are non-fatiguing.

Resistance bands for shoulder warm-ups ( don’t place undue stress on the rotator cuff, a major site for shoulder-related injuries. The rotator cuff is a stabilizer that allows the arms and upper body to work together. Warm-ups with resistance bands prepare the shoulders for virtually any activity the individual may ask of it during training.

Lavis specializes in CrossFit training, an intensive conditioning and strength program utilized around the globe by elite athletes, tactical law enforcement, military operatives and martial artists. Resistance band warm-ups are effective for athletes ranging from boxers and baseball pitchers to fitness aficionados.

WOD Nation bands are preferred due to the wide range of resistance levels available. They feature color coding, allowing individuals to locate the optimal resistance level that’s right for them. They’re also effective for maintaining flexibility and range of motion for those who have suffered an injury. The 41-inch looped bands are available in levels ranging from 60 to 175 pounds of resistance.

Lavis’ new shoulder warm-up video utilizing WOD Nation resistance bands provides individuals with information and complete demonstrations of how to use the bands effectively. The trainer and coach at CrossFit Chiang Mai in Thailand is committed to helping athletes at every level safely prepare for workouts and training that prevents injuries.

About WOD Nation

WOD Nation is a United States based company that provides workout gear to elite athletes. All of the company's fitness products are rigorously tested by athletes around the world to ensure they meet the demands of intense exercise programs. WOD Nation's website can be found at (

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TerraPur Shares Details On Importance Of Zinc Presence In Gummy Multivitamin

TerraPur Explains That Zinc In Gummy Multivitamins Is Important For Keeping Kids Completely Healthy
TerraPur Shares Details On Importance Of Zinc Presence In Gummy Multivitamin

February 28, 2015 – Jacksonville, FL (24 PRESS) — Zinc has been a staple on numerous multivitamin brands for several years, so it's not surprise that TerraPur Health added it to their product that is aimed at children. Not content with simply marketing the product though, the company explains why the mineral is a must in their Children’s Complete Gummy Multivitamins ( and clears up any misconception parents might have with regards to it.

TerraPur had their spokesperson Jonathan Kaplan explain their point of view when it comes to the importance of Zinc as well as provide the details that will help parents understand ( why their kids are better off having healthy levels of the nutrient.

"Zinc is actually a fairly prevalent mineral that can be found in many natural sources such as red meat, beans, seafood and cereals," Kaplan says. "However, recent studies suggest that the simple presence of this nutrient in children's bodies is nothing compared to the benefits of raising that level to greater heights."

Kaplan went on to elaborate with regards to the reasons for why Zinc is important, which are numerous and affect the overall development of children. He went on the specifics of the matter, citing the role that the mineral plays in the healthy maturity of reproductive organs as well as the brain. Zinc is also purported to boost the immune system which makes children resistant to common illnesses.

On the matter of children's height and weight, the nutrient is also said to help in terms of making sure that kids grow up tall and compact instead of short and underweight. Consequently, just as having healthy levels of Zinc has its benefits, so will being deficient of the mineral have negative effects.

"Children will be more susceptible to colds or the flu," said Kaplan, "their growth would be stunted and they'll have a lower body mass. They might also have issues with their reproductive organs, their nervous system and other internal organs. These details are made even more worrying by a recent report wherein it's stated that of 16 essential nutrients Zinc is the one that many children are most deficient of. Since this is the case, it can be safely summed up that giving children supplements to help increase the mineral's presence in the body is advisable."

About TerraPur™ Health

Terra is Latin for "earth". The brand name literally means "Earth Pure". TerraPur manufactures its products using the best stuff Mother Earth has to offer. TerraPur Health is a nationwide provider of high quality health supplements based in Jacksonville, Florida. Their selection of products based on natural ingredients includes supplements to assist and support holistic weight loss, system detox and flush, gummy multivitamins for children and adults ( etc. All of their organic products are made in a US-based, GMP-certified facility and rigorously tested for quality.

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New Product Release Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Available Now At Amazon US

New product Wine Saver Vacuum Pump with patented vacuum seals hits the market
New Product Release Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Available Now At Amazon US
New Product Release Wine Saver Vacuum Pump Available Now At Amazon US

The new Hot Hut Stuff Wine Saver Vacuum Pump prolongs the life of your wine up to 10 or more days by getting rid of the air from the bottle and so preventing bacteria from entering the bottle and ruining your wine.

February 27, 2015 – Brisbane, QLD (24 PRESS) — Newly released is the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump from Hot Hut Stuff, an Australian business bringing exciting and quality kitchen wares to the market in the US and Australia.

Hot Hut Stuff is the brainchild of Trish Findlay and Kathi Tait ( who are a mother/daughter team sharing their passion for innovative kitchen products with other everyday people like themselves.

While not a completely new product this edition of the Wine Saver Vacuum Pump has some very exciting features such as the patented vacuum seals on the deluxe stoppers and a very handy date indicator ring which ensures accurate storage time.

The patented vacuum seal has been tested to last well over 14 days as opposed to older versions of the tool which have been reported to seal for only 3 or 4 days. This ensures that leftover wine does not oxidize which ruins the flavor and taste of the wine. The pump is very easy to use with a vacuum achieved after only 6 or so pumps. A video demonstration is available on their website (

The vacuum pump itself is a very stylish black and red unit made of quality materials. It comes in attractive packaging that is sturdy but lightweight for posting and if bought from Amazon there is free postage within the US available for purchases over $35.

Feedback on this product has already been strongly positive in Australia with tons of purchasers emailing how much they love this edition. Hot Hut Stuff has a very strong product for the marketplace and they are a welcome addition to the home wares market.

About Hot Hut Stuff

Hot Hut Stuff is an Australian business run by Mother and daughter team Trish and Kathi who have a passion for bringing exciting new kitchenware products to the market. They are very excited to be expanding into the US market via Amazon (

Kathi Tait
+61 421 604 401


Lloyd And Lucy To Use Online Focus Group To Guide Product Development

Pet Supply Company to Use Unique Approach to Determine Customer Needs

February 27, 2015 – Weatherford, TX (24 PRESS) — When a company commits themselves to producing the best value pet products available to the consumer, the road to that desired end takes many twists and turns. Today, Matt Thompson, Director of Communications for Lloyd and Lucy's Pet Supplies, announced the company's plan to use online focus groups to help guide the company's product development plans.

"Ultimately, our desire is to develop products that bring value to our consumers: the best value pet products on the planet," Thompson said. "And, who knows better about what a customer wants or needs than the customers themselves."

Thompson explained that the company would be seeking to form several online focus groups of 5-10 people each. The groups will primarily interact through Facebook since most of Lloyd and Lucy's customers already have a presence on the social media giant's site.

"Through these groups, consumers will be able to test products and provide feedback regarding the viability of products still in the development stage."

With the overwhelmingly positive feedback of Lloyd and Lucy's foundational supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin and msm for dogs (, the company saw an opportunity to tap into a passionate, well-informed customer base.

"Our customers have really connected with our company," Thompson explained. "Our commitment to top-notch customer service and providing the best value pet supply products has resonated well with consumers. Because of that, our customers are delighted to provide feedback for us as we seek to add products to our catalog like our successful dog joint supplement ("

The company will be accepting applications for the focus groups through March 15.

About Lloyd and Lucy’s Pet Supplies

Lloyd and Lucy's Pet Supplies is committed to providing the absolute best glucosamine for dogs ( Hip and Joint Supplement available. Their motto, "Your Pet is Our Pet," is more than a catchy phrase; it encapsulates the essence of their business practice: treating the customer as their own family.

Matt Thompson


Ready Golden Introduces An Unique Balaclava That Works In Both Cold And Heat

A small, innovative family upstart has invented an anti-sweat balaclava that works both in winter and summer – and thanks to unique design, still fits like a glove after multiple washes
Ready Golden Introduces An Unique Balaclava That Works In Both Cold And Heat
Ready Golden Introduces An Unique Balaclava That Works In Both Cold And Heat

February 26, 2015 – Carson City, NV (24 PRESS) — Ready Golden, a small family owned and operated company based in Carson City, Nevada, has announced the release of a new and unique Balaclava, which, according to the company, works both in winter and summer.

"It'll keep you from getting cold when you're shoveling snow from your driveway, driving your motorcycle to work early in the morning, or just need to keep the sand out while quad biking in Nevada", said John Doe, founder and CEO of the company. "We're especially proud of being able to come up with unique design that will prevent you from excessive sweating no matter how crazy it gets."

Josh Siddiqui also commented that the unique design of Ready Golden Balaclava ( also allows it to fit snugly even after multiple washes. This should be welcome news according to company's market research – Ready Gloves has found out that one of the most common complaints about balaclavas is that they, as aptly put by one of the respondents, "often leave that one annoying spot that always gets cold".

Ready Golden is also prepared to back their product with a 100% refund of the purchase price regardless of how much the product has been used, something that shows the company is, indeed, serious about their product. A quick search on the internet, will pull up many Coupon Codes ( to reveal discounts up to 65% off retail!

The company has also informed that they are prepared to promptly and personally answer any questions and deal with any issues the customers might have. It is company's policy for one of the owners personally ready and respond to any inquiries.

About Ready Golden

Ready Golden ( is a small, innovative and agile family upstart based in Carson City, NV that combines extensive market research with unique insights and stringent quality control to deliver great products to their customers.

Recently, the company has launched an online store using the largest online retailer, Amazon, as their platform. Ready Golden online store can be found at

Established in 2014, Ready Golden is determined to become known for reliable and comfortable clothing accessories, as well as exceptional customer support.

Josh Siddiqui


Car Accessory That Protects Leather Seats Gets Over 200 Customer Reviews On Amazon

After just 18 months trading on Amazon, the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector has received over 200 Amazon customer reviews, with most agreeing how well this car accessory protects leather seats from getting scratched or scuffed, especially from baby safety seats.
Car Accessory That Protects Leather Seats Gets Over 200 Customer Reviews On Amazon
Car Accessory That Protects Leather Seats Gets Over 200 Customer Reviews On Amazon

Car Seat Protector by Freddie and Sebbie

February 26, 2015 – Las Vegas, NV (24 PRESS) — The Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector currently has an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon, and according to company spokesman Neil Speight, this particular car accessory has been specially designed to protect car leather seats from getting scratched by baby safety seats. He said… "The product has been trading on Amazon now for nearly 18 months, and we are extremely grateful to the over 200 customers, who have shown their appreciation by leaving such fantastic reviews, which all point out the main benefits the accessory provides for parents and grandparents alike."

Stacie R. Newman, an Amazon verified customer, has said in her five star review that it works perfect for her 8 year old son, keeping the seats from getting dirty, as well as having a special compartment for chap-stick, sunglasses, etc. A common problem seen in the customer reviews is the fact that baby safety seats tend to leave scuff marks on car leather seats. JD from Vermont has said in another 5 star rating… "We were having a baby soon, and we wanted to make sure our new cars interior stayed clean and unscratched or damaged by the car seat for the baby, so bought the Freddie and Sebbie car seat protector. The car seat protection has definitely helped the seats remain unscathed, the car accessory fits perfectly, and definitely does what we wanted it to do. Great product!"

Jason T. Kindlimann from Detroit agrees in his top score rating, having said… "This car seat protector ( works very nicely. The protector fully covers the area the infant seat occupies, and stays nicely in place without slipping. This protector is durable to spills, wear and tear. My wife and I have them in both our cars and are very happy with them. Great product!" Kindle Customer DL McCarron has also referred to the issue of baby safety seats, who says… "Just purchased a new car with leather seats, and am so pleased with these protectors. Extremely easy to lay on the seat, ahead of putting in the baby seats, and also great for the older kids after a sporting day. I also like the flap to protect the front of the seat from little feet, or just to use for storing a toy."

Grandparents alike are happy to have found the right protection for their car leather seats. Laura Dixon has said in her 5 star product review… "The car seat protector is perfect my husband and I bought a new charger for our 50th birthdays at the same time had our first grand baby So this works great to protect the seat from car seat. Would highly recommend." JS, another grandparent from Los Angeles has agreed by writing in yet another 5 star Amazon customer review… "The Freddie and Sebbie car seat protectors ( are simply great! Well made, durable and easy to place behind and under the car seat. We really appreciate this finely made product, and its wonderful quality. Now we can relax when our grandchildren are in the back of the car, in knowing that the kids will be protected, and so will our lovely leather seats."

About Freddie and Sebbie ( is a brand new company that promotes high quality, value for money baby and children's products, and the idea of two brothers in their 40's, married (not to each other) with six children between them, the youngest of which are two baby twins called Freddie and Sebbie.

888 749 3576


HAGA’s Heirloom Survival Seed Bank Orders Spike Up As Spring Draws Near

More customers are purchasing Home and Garden America’s survival seed bank in preparation for spring gardening.
HAGA’s Heirloom Survival Seed Bank Orders Spike Up As Spring Draws Near
HAGA’s Heirloom Survival Seed Bank Orders Spike Up As Spring Draws Near

Do you love organic gardening? How about fresh, delicious and healthy vegetables? If you answered yes, you will surely adore our 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seed Bank!

February 26, 2015 – Incline Village, NV (24 PRESS) — With springtime just a month away, several home gardeners have already begun ordering Home and Garden America’s heirloom survival seed bank ( in preparation for the new growing season.

For many growers and gardeners, spring is the perfect time to plant a bountiful garden. But in order to obtain a continuous supply of vegetables, one needs a good supply of heirloom survival seeds before anything else. Customers on have found that Home and Garden America's top-selling survival seed bank is the best possible option.

These seeds have the amazing ability of providing any household with the freshest and tastiest organic produce. They can also last for decades if stored properly—thus making them perfect not just for spring gardening but for emergency preparedness as well.

"Excellent variety of organic seeds for growing or storing. We're really thrilled to include these seeds in our garden planning. The product is impressive and we got such awesome varieties. This survival seed bank will surely keep well over time and could be part of any survival kit," one customer commented.

"My order arrived right on time. I'll be growing some of them this spring and will preserve the rest for survival mode. Although I haven't heard about many of the varieties, I will try them simply because they're organic heirlooms. Looking forward to fantastic results," another customer added.

"This is the best survival seed bank yet! I already wrote about this product before, saying that it shipped quickly and contains impressive heirloom varieties. I just had to write a second review because it's such a great product! I would definitely recommend it to everyone, from novice to seasoned gardeners. I have really enjoyed the seeds and can't wait to see my vegetables grow this spring," another Amazon customer said about the survival seeds.

Home and Garden America currently offers two seed products: the 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds and the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack. Both items can be used for spring vegetable gardening and long-term storage purposes.

More information is available on (

About Home and Garden

Chuck Harmon writes consumer information material on a wide selection of products, and his expertise in the field of survival gardening is no exception. His heirloom survival seed bank ( contains rare varieties that will last for decades.

Chuck Harmon


More Thumbs Up Are Flooding For Demiko On Social Media Sites And Amazon

What Demiko has in store for the consumers?
More Thumbs Up Are Flooding For Demiko On Social Media Sites And Amazon
More Thumbs Up Are Flooding For Demiko On Social Media Sites And Amazon

February 26, 2015 – Copenhagen, Denmark (24 PRESS) — The amount of acceptance and thumbs up from Demiko's users is already paving its way to threatening the popularity of other food containers from around the globe, and the Company couldn't thank the consumers enough for a remarkable recognition on social media sites and online web stores.

What Demiko has in store for the consumers?
Demiko is a set of cool lunchbox ( and water bottle that offers durability, toxic-free, and leak-free containers—designed not only for kids, but for adults, travelers, and patients as well. The products are well thought of for every user—be it a child, a man, a woman, a hungry soldier, or a resolute traveler.

The lunchbox's size is just right to pack enough amount of healthy food. Its compartments are divided into three large sections to accommodate snacks, fruits, and the meal itself. Users will never have to worry about losing their silverware's anymore as Demiko already comes with its own spoon and fork. It has a four-way locking system that allows everything in place. The container is air tight; thus, keeping food uncontaminated and fresh. With this, the user doesn't have worry about soaking belongings or their clothes in sauces or broths as it is leak-free.

And lastly, the material used to produce the product is 100% BPA free (, which is said to be a dangerous chemical found in hard plastics and epoxy resins. Studies show that Bis-phenol A (BPA) can seep into food and drinks from the plastic, leading to brain damage, prostate and reproductive organ malfunction, and cancer.

Several buyers recommended and liked Demiko on social media sites and on Amazon, It's not always easy to find a set of lunchbox and water bottle that consumers instantly adored. But with Demiko, getting likes and recommendations through word-of-mouth is plain easy. One of Demiko's spokesperson said, "We delivered what the consumers are looking for in a lunchbox and water bottle, and this is what made the product an instant success."

About Demiko

Demiko is a commercial brand for north American market. in liaison with international partners Demiko has set out to produce high quality products for commercial use. The main online outlet,, has time and time again proven to be a fast paced channel for growth . The Demiko lunch box ( and water bottle set is already available and ready to ship on

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ChiliPad Provides Quality Sleep That Can Help Users Lose Weight

Users Can Lose Weight By Sleeping Longer And Better With ChiliPad Mattress Pad
ChiliPad Provides Quality Sleep That Can Help Users Lose Weight
ChiliPad Provides Quality Sleep That Can Help Users Lose Weight

ChiliPad to lose weight.

February 26, 2015 – Titusville, FL (24 PRESS) — Lack of sleep has been proven to make people fat and at risk to various health problems, especially cardiovascular diseases. There are several reasons why this happens, but a simple solution would be to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every night. To achieve this, those hoping to lose weight and to improve their health might want to try ChiliPad ( heating and cooling mattress pad.

People who do not get enough sleep experience hormonal imbalance that affects what they eat, when they eat, and how much they eat. Various articles have discussed how people who lack sleep behave around food. They tend to consume more sweets and caffeine, they snack more often, and lose track of the amount of food they eat at any given meal time.

Sleep deprived people have ghrelin and leptin imbalance. According to WebMD, ghrelin is the hormone that tells the brain that the body is hungry. On the other hand, leptin is the hormone that communicates when the body had enough food. A person who gets less than 7 hours of sleep has more ghrelin than leptin, so s/he is expected to eat more during the day.

According to studies, dieting and regular exercise will not work as expected if a person is sleep deprived. Besides the hormonal imbalance, the body will not have enough time to recover from the physical activity that happened during the day. Tissues will not be as strong and will not be quick to develop. In addition, metabolism slows down when a person does not get enough sleep.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that quantity is not tantamount to quality. If a person sleeps for more than 7 hours each night, but has interrupted sleep, the body might still be as bad as when it does not get enough hours of sleep. It is very important that the person sleeps enough and sleeps well.

To achieve a rejuvenating sleep, all factors that might affect sleep quality must be taken into consideration. The most important ones are a person’s core body temperature and state of mind. If the room temperature or the weather is too hot or too cold to sleep in, and if the person does not feel relaxed, a quality sleep will not be achieved.

ChiliPad is a heating and cooling mattress pad ( that does not only affect the temperature of the bed, but also the core body temperature of the sleeper as well. Water runs from its control unit (cube) warmed or cooled depending on the setting determined by the user. This water goes into the extension tube, and into the soft in-bed coils inside the mattress pad. The water cools or heats the bed and the core body temperature of the user.

In addition, the 40-decibel white noise that the control unit produces is proven to relax the user, induce sleepiness, and ensure a restful sleep throughout the night. Those hoping for a weight loss and better health might take advantage of ChiliPad heating and cooling mattress pad.

Midwest Health Solutions is an authorized seller of ChiliPad mattress pad that could be purchased from Amazon.

About ChiliPad Cube

ChiliPad Cube ( is a DBA for Merchant Business Systems Inc., a 10-year-old company specializing in health and personal care items. The company prides itself on combining the best quality products with the best customer service in the industry.

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Rhumen On Cooking Safety Tips For Kids

Rik Humen, product manager of Rhumen Silicone Oven Gloves, shares to kids basic safety tips when working in the kitchen.
Rhumen On Cooking Safety Tips For Kids
Rhumen On Cooking Safety Tips For Kids

February 26, 2015 – Edmonton, Alberta (24 PRESS) — Whether kids are watching or helping a parent cook in the kitchen, it is important for them to know basic safety rules when working in the kitchen. Rik Humen of Rhumen Quality Silicone Oven Gloves ( discusses cooking safety tips for kids. The silicone gloves are available at Amazon ( where satisfied customers have left positive feedback for the product.

Humen warns kids to check that cooking appliances and the oven are turned off prior to leaving the kitchen. Electrical appliances should also be kept away from sources of water in order to prevent getting electric shocks. “Do not go near electrical sockets especially when your hands are wet. In case you burn yourself, call an adult immediately and hold the burned part under cool running water,” Humen suggests.

Humen also recommends not placing knives and sharp objects in a sink full of water as someone might reach in and get hurt. “Kids should not handle sharp knives. Let an adult companion slice or cut foods,” Humen adds.

Humen also warns kids not to put water on cooking fire since it might make the fire bigger. “When cooking fire starts, ask an adult for assistance. If there is a fire extinguisher, use it to put out the fire. For small fires, placing baking soda or covering it with a lid might help. When a fire has spread, leave the house immediately and call 911,” Humen continues.

Once again, Humen warns against adding water into a pan with hot oil as the oil could splatter and burn anyone. The pot handles should always be turned away from the stove front to prevent anyone from bumping and knocking the pot over. Paper towels, pot holders and dish towels should not be placed on the stove top as they can easily catch fire. Silicone oven gloves could be better than fabric potholders.

About Rhumen

Rhumen Quality (RQ) is a Canadian based company specializing in Silicone Home and Kitchenware ( RQ has emerged as an Industry leader providing high quality professional products, affordable prices, with reliable customer service.

RiK Humen
+1 (780)885-7609