Smart Chef Chooses Amazon Platform For Its Silicone Kitchen Product

New Silicone Kitchen Item To Focus On Making Life Easier For Cooks

February 9, 2016 – Houston, Texas (24 PRESS) — Smart Chef, a Home & Kitchen brand of the EJH Group, has chosen to release its silicone spoon holder set. The company feels that Amazon provides the best platform for unveiling and distributing the new product. Smart Chef believes Amazon will allow its new product to reach not only the most number of customers but also the right ones.

"Amazon is the largest and most influential ecommerce platform online. It is essentially a buyer's search platform. When customers come to this platform, their primary purpose is generally to buy something. After customers make a purchase, they have an open platform to provide feedback and reviews on their purchases", stated Shelly Myers, Support Manager at Smart Chef. Myers went on to say, "Being able to give product feedback is not only great for consumers but it works equally well for businesses like ours. The feedback and reviews allow us to make products that consumers really want, and also to provide the best customer service. That is an amazing thing."

Smart Chef states that their main objective in developing the new spoon rest was to help Cooks and cooking enthusiasts to focus more on cooking and less on cleaning. The spoon rests allow Cooks to keep their kitchen utensils and other items off stove and countertops while also preventing sauces, creams and other food items from spilling and falling on these surfaces.

The spoon holder ( set is made of FDA approved silicone. Smart Chef states that this material allows the product to withstand very high and equally very low temperatures allowing it to be dishwasher and freezer safe. The spoon holders also have an anti-slip inner surface protecting kitchen and other items from slippage and falls.

"Our focus is to make this product as versatile for Cooks in the kitchen as possible. Our main goal has always been to improve the cooking experience for Cooks and everyday people everywhere. Our motto has always been, 'Cook more, Clean less'. We stand by this and hope to ensure it", stated Myers.

The spoon rests come in blue, orange, red and green. There is also a pastel set of 4 colors that Smart Chef plans to release in the spring.

About Smart Chef

The Smart Chef silicone spoon rest ( is a signature home and kitchen product of the EJH Group. The EJH Group focuses on sourcing and developing high quality products across a broad range of verticals and industries. The EJH Group is based in Houston, TX.

Shelly Myers


Customer Reviews Demonstrate Why The Premium Tire Pressure Gauge Is So Popular

TireTek’s automotive tire pressure gauge boasts detailed product reviews demonstrating why it is the go to tire pressure gauge on the market.
Customer Reviews Demonstrate Why The Premium Tire Pressure Gauge Is So Popular
Customer Reviews Demonstrate Why The Premium Tire Pressure Gauge Is So Popular

A video highlighting the accuracy of the TireTek Premium tire pressure gauge

February 9, 2016 – Valley Cottage, New York (24 PRESS) — Automotive accessories company, TireTek, today highlighted the numerous in depth customers reviews that they have received for their tire pressure gauge from satisfied customers who have been impressed by the quality of their gauge. The Premium tire pressure gauge is the brand’s flag ship gauge ( and the first tire gauge released by the company. Despite only being live in the market for just over a year the automotive product has reaped praise for its design and practicality. It is this popularity that has enabled the gauge to become one of the most popular mechanical tire pressure gauges available on Amazon today.

With just under 1000 reviews to its name in fewer than 12 months it is clear to see why the gauge has become so popular with motorists who understand how important correct tire pressures are. But it’s the in depth reviews that sets it apart from other similar products as a sign of just how impressive this product is. Two such recent reviews posted on Amazon about the gauge are as follows:

“I got the gauge and am very pleased with it. I used it a few days ago on my2015 Lexus LS460 (the car tire sensors had indicated low tire pressure) and the gauge worked great. I like the fact it holds the reading so I can remove it from the tire to read it, and like the pressure relief valve. It truly is a quality made product. It replaces the "stick" gauge I have used for over 60 years and of course your gauge works much better. I always had to make sure I got the correct reading with the stick gauge since sometimes it would shoot out more or less. I like the rubber protection over the meter. I am now one of your satisfied customers.”

“I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend but it works so well I want to keep it for myself :) This is 1000x better than those pen like tire pressure readers that always break and don't have a nice pressure relief valve like this one has. The outside of the gauge has heavy duty rubber which fits nicely in your hand. The valve on top rotates around so you can position the dial face towards no matter where the tire air stem is on the wheel. Reads quickly and accurately every time and holds the reading until you push the release button. Definitely recommend that this product be a staple to any car owner.”

TireTek have another two specialist tire pressure gauges ( and are planning to release more tire pressure gauges into the market soon along with other automotive products. All of these new releases will be available on their Amazon listing.

About TireTek

TireTek is a quality automotive accessories brand specializing in calibrated mechanical tire pressure gauges, inflators and 12v extension cords. All of their dial gauges are made according to the ANSI B40.1 Grade B accuracy standard, 100% tested and approved. TireTek products are widely used worldwide in passenger vehicles, cars, trucks, SUV, RV and motorbikes. Their driving ethos is: ‘Quality Foremost – Customers Utmost'. They are the makers of the highly popular TireTek Premium Tire Pressure Gauge (

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Quality Earbuds Offered At Great Price For Valentine's Day Customers.

MI & JE Enterprises Co Ltd is offering a one of a kind St Valentine’s Day Coupon Code as a token of gratitude to its customers.
Quality Earbuds Offered At Great Price For Valentine's Day Customers.
Quality Earbuds Offered At Great Price For Valentine's Day Customers.

Video describes the Bluetooth Earbuds Headset use and pairing

February 9, 2016 – Fgura, Malta (24 PRESS) — The celebrations of St Valentine's Day were brought down from generation to generation and the origins of this feast are rather unclear, an infusion of legend and history, but legacy has it always attributed to heroic or romantic acts.

This day is also celebrated with expressive gifts and MI & JE Enterprises Co Ltd wishes to participate in this romantic feast by offering an incredible discount to its customers for Valentine's Day. As a token of gratitude to its Amazon clients, it is offering its B&W Electronics Development Shenzen, Bluetooth Earbuds ( at a slashed price of $4.99 using the promo code in the photo. The offer is limited for this festive period and until stocks last for customers in the US, Alaska and Hawaii.

The Bluetooth Headphones ( have a slim, sports, human engineering design, are light weight and are sweat proof. These can be comfortably worn during work out activities and other environments were the wired versions become uncomfortable. The headset features advanced smart audio capabilities to deliver a higher level of audio clarity.

The Sports Bluetooth Headphones come in version 3.0 + EDR, with microphone, and support all Bluetooth enabled devices such as Apple iphone, Samsung galaxy, MP3s and laptops. The Earbuds have premium stereo sound and enjoy noise cut out technology. They allow for hands free calling, answering calls and converting back to music automatically. The operating range is 10 meters, music time is 5 hours and talk time 6 hours. Charging time usually takes 1 hour. Voice prompts announce low battery, out of range, paired or not. It has a 12 month manufacturer's warranty, but seller can be contacted for other details.

Fear of first time use is generally attributed to the pairing challenge which is a very simple procedure simply by pressing the multifunction button for 4 seconds on the headset which responds by blinking alternating colors signalling it is in pairing mode. The cell phone or other device to be connected will have a Bluetooth setup in its menu. When searched, the cell phone will prompt SH1 for the Bluetooth earbuds, which is to be selected. A message will eventually appear that connection has been established. If a password is requested a default "0000" is to be used. MI & JE Enterprises Co Ltd commits to follow up with more information after purchase to ensure that any pairing challenge has been overcome.

Offer is limited until stocks last.

About MI & JE Enterprises Co. Ltd

MI and JE Enterprises Company Ltd was incorporated in 2014, in Malta, Europe by a team of highly enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs with a vision. They are a group of closely knit individuals with same goals and aspirations who fully understand the positive impact of online purchasing on the lives of millions of consumers around the world. They also commit to outstanding customer service. The company now acts as an importer, wholesaler and retailer of electronic items and related articles including the Bluetooth Headphones ( but aims to expand its product portfolio in the near future. Other segments of its business, including but not limited to shipping, distribution, HR training and marketing, are all conducted by top notch international names. The company's mission is to provide quality products online and pledges to continue with its fervent endeavors to make the online purchasing experience a seamless one.



Baby Crib Safe Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad Has Many Useful Features

The Crib Pad Has Many Useful Features To Help The New Mom
Baby Crib Safe Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad Has Many Useful Features
Baby Crib Safe Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad Has Many Useful Features

Organic Crib Mattress Pad

February 8, 2016 – Perth, Western Australia (24 PRESS) — About Baby Crib Safe, Organic Waterproof Crib Mattress Protector Pad

Parents are constantly online looking up products that would make things easier for the first time Mom. The Organic Crib Mattress Pad from Baby Crib Safe is a product that fills this purpose. This protector actually protects expensive crib mattress and keeps baby dry giving mom's confidence in their purchase

This waterproof mattress crib cover from Baby Crib Safe has been manufactured under stringent manufacturing standards to ensure baby safety. This product does not contain harmful components such as phthalate, BPA, lead, or latex. It been made from organic bamboo cotton, one of the most suitable fabrics for baby products. Owing to its top class ingredients, these mattress covers are resistant to contaminations caused by dirt mites, mold, and bacteria.

The Waterproof Baby Crib Mattress Protector ( is made from organic bamboo, which is waterproof, hypoallergenic, quilted, soft and comfortable providing a deeper sleep for baby. The deeper 9" skirt is an added feature that makes putting on and removing the crib pad much simpler for parents and it ensures a firm fit preventing the crib cover sliding as baby moves. Most importantly, these covers are breathable and do not crackle.

This is also a suitable product to have for potty training since there will often be night time accidents. If there is an unforeseen accident, simply strip down the bed and toss this mattress protector pad in the washer. Its so soft straight out of the packet yet the more washes it gets the softer it gets.

Currently available for $19.99 on Amazon and is offered with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

About Rockeby Road

Rockeby Road is proud to announce the introduction of its Baby Crib Safe range of baby and nursery products. This initial offering is a Crib Mattress Cover (

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Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM – A Much-Wanted Solution For Joint Problems

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM from Healthy Joints System is now with advanced formula
Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM – A Much-Wanted Solution For Joint Problems
Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM – A Much-Wanted Solution For Joint Problems

Tests Now Show Our Glucosamine Chondroitin With MSM Can Help You For Joints Discomfort.

February 8, 2016 – Astoria, New York (24 PRESS) — Some agents are naturally produced by human body. Glucosamine ( is one such element. Its structure shows extreme complexity. It functions as a collision-preventive substance. Found aplenty in both shellfish and human body, the compound is produced less and less with ageing. As an inevitable consequence, two bones come in contact with each other after jelly-like separators gets dried up. It leads to severe pain in joints, especially around the knee joints.

The aged people are, therefore, found walking with great troubles. Pain is even felt during movement or even when the individuals sit in a still posture. Joint Health Support brought Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM ( in order to ensure permanent relief to the patients troubled by joint pain. "Even if it fails to eliminate pain completely, it will offer relief to a considerable extent. At least, that will also ease the users' movement. The product underwent successive trials.

The results of those trials will hopefully satisfy the individuals yet to spend on the supplement. The consumers are always worried about the side effects of healthcare supplements and many avoid using those. They think these supplements will bring them no good result and instead, produce negative effects on them. In case of intake of glucosamine supplement launched by Joint Heath Support, nothing like that will going to happen to the consumers. They will experience sustained and quick relief of pain without suffering any negative impact.

It is designed to give relief to everyone from aged people to children though some consumers must not use it unless they receive doctors' recommendation", explained the chief in the research department. In this age, almost everyone finds ways to save expenses. One effective way to do so is to use coupons. This supplement has a reasonable price tag and the buyers will get a discount of 25% in times of purchase. However, availability of discount depends on if promo code QJ9HQXEZ is used.

Amazon is involved into its third phase of promotion. The buyers will not be required to spend for shipment charge if their offer crosses $35. The company has repeatedly insisted that the supplement must be placed on the chart of regular intake; otherwise expected result is unlikely to be enjoyed. The users must follow the instructions clearly mentioned on the product label, according to the chief in the medical team. "Everyone can use the supplement but some have to seek their doctors' advice before opting for the healthcare item.

There are children younger than 18 years and they can take the supplement only after receiving doctors' recommendation. The same words of warning apply to expecting mothers and also the mothers of the breastfed babies. If any patient is taking medicines for known diseases, he/she should consult a doctor if glucosamine supplement can be taken or not", added the CMO.

About Best Healthy Joints System

DDV Healthy System LLC is one of the leading companies in the USA providing all natural over the counter products including dietary supplements, joints care and health products such as the Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM ( Supplement. DDV Healthy System LLC currently collaborates with the corporate giant Amazon in order to facilitate smooth delivery to its customers all over the country and has gained substantial success over the years as a premier natural and holistic health product line.

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The New Baby Wrap By KM Simple Baby Receives Great Reviews From The Users

KM Simple Baby has launched the new baby carrier wrap which has received great reviews from the customers on Amazon
The New Baby Wrap By KM Simple Baby Receives Great Reviews From The Users
The New Baby Wrap By KM Simple Baby Receives Great Reviews From The Users

How to enjoy your baby best and give your little one love.

February 8, 2016 – Middletown, Delaware (24 PRESS) — The recently launched baby carrier sling wrap by KM Simple baby has received rave reviews from the users on Amazon. The product boasts of 5 star rating on Amazon and a number of positive reviews from the customers. “I absolutely love this baby wrap carrier! I love that you can carry baby around easily and comfortably and they're so close and comfortable, especially when baby is little. I love using this when I go to the store and even sometimes when I'm at home and baby wants to be held but I'm trying to get other things done at the same time. When using this, I feel like baby feels safe and secure because they're so close to mommy or even daddy. This is great for baby bonding on the go. This is made of a thick comfortable cloth like material. It appears as if it would last for a long time. I love that they give you such detailed instructions because at first I was a little intimidated after taking it out of the package but after reading the instructions and trying it out it ended up being easy to use. I also liked that it comes in a cloth bag so that you can take it with you in a purse or diaper bag, if needed. This is now one of my go to baby shower gifts for new moms to be. I would definitely recommend this is you are looking for a baby carrier.”, mentions customer Jessica in her review.

The baby wrap was tested also by experienced wrappers. "Very easy to use, similar to other baby wraps that are out there. I am an expert wrapper so I did not need instructions. I am able to wrap and wear my 10 month old comfortably in a few different ways. We both feel comfortable and secure. This wrap is a decent size, long enough to get the job done! I love wearing my baby, keeping her close to me. It helps me get more things done during the day and helps me get her to sleep at night. Once she is asleep I can simply untie the wrap and lay her down. This is a must for any parent with a baby! Black is a great color, matches any outfit. I like to tie this on before I go out so it is easier to slip baby inside once we are out and about.

The high quality material makes the product more elastic yet firm to hold the toddler safely around the upper body. It also ensures more comfort to the parent as well as the baby for longer durations. The baby carrier sling is adaptable according to the body type. The baby wrap is soft on skin and feels comfortable. Since the product is lightweight and easily foldable, it does not cause discomfort and makes it easy to be carried around while travelling. In fact, the product also comes with a cloth bag to carry the baby wrap in it.

The detailed manual provided with the product makes it easier for the customer to use the product effectively. More information about the product is available at company’s official website ( and Amazon (

About KM Simple Baby

KM Simple Baby sells high quality baby carrier ( wraps. The product is adaptable and very comfortable. It includes simple instructions to help mothers easily start with babywearing.

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Prories Monopod Poised To Become The Premier Choice For Adventure Seekers

New Monopod Selfie Stick Helps Sky Divers, Hikers, Mountaineers and More Ride the Rising Wave of Adventure Tourism
Prories Monopod Poised To Become The Premier Choice  For Adventure Seekers
Prories Monopod Poised To Become The Premier Choice  For Adventure Seekers

How To Use The Prories Telescoping Extension Pole!

February 8, 2016 – Beaverton, Oregon (24 PRESS) — Skydivers, hikers, mountaineers and other adventure seekers are helping to make the Prories monopod ( one of the highest selling accessories on The pole is quickly becoming the premier tool for helping GoPro, digital camera and smartphone users capture dynamic images during adventurous travel excursions.

According to the Global Report on Adventure Tourism, adventure travel is expanding at a rate of 65 percent year-on-year. Now nearly a $300 billion market, men and women across the globe are opting for the adrenaline rush of an action-packed excursion rather than more traditional types of vacations. And the Prories monopod selfie stick helps adventurers riding this trend capture every high flying, deep diving moment of their experience with photos and videos.

Prories’ monopod is compatible with the GoPro and most digital cameras and smartphones, including the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Constructed using high quality billet aluminum, the telescoping extension pole is waterproof and corrosion-resistant, allowing users to utilize it in all weather conditions.

The pole’s easy-to-maneuver twist and lock mechanism helps users to extend the pole from 12 inches to 39 inches quickly. Additionally, the monopod’s four rod sections collapse easily and compactly to fit into a standard size backpack or handbag. A carrying bag is also included with each purchase, along with a smartphone mount and an e-book with instructions and helpful tips.

“More lightweight than other poles, and still sturdy, the Prories monopod selfie stick worked great for my GoPro mount,” said Jolie Hales, a recent Prories’ customer and adventure tourist. “I used it for 12 hours a day during a week I spent in Beijing, including during a half marathon on the Great Wall and it was great.”

The Prories monopod currently retails for $24.97. More information, including product photos and specifications for the extension pole, is available at (

About Prories

Prories is an emerging professional electronics accessories leader specializing in high quality, durable and leading edge products that deliver optimum performance. The company's product collection includes mounts and accessories for GoPros, smartphones and cameras, ideal for professionals, hobbyists and the average tech consumer. All of the company's products are inspired by the company's tagline, "Life is short, capture the amazing moments." Prories ( was first established in 2015 and is based in Beaverton, Oregon.

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How To Get Mildtravel Buddy At The Cheaper Price

Customers will receive a 10% discount during the Valentine’s Day promotion.
How To Get Mildtravel Buddy At The Cheaper Price
How To Get Mildtravel Buddy At The Cheaper Price

February 7, 2016 – Rajathavee, Bangkok (24 PRESS) — Mildtravel Buddy, a neck pillow for sleeping has been launched to Amazon ( for 1 month. This pillow has received great support. One of the customers said, "This pillow is incredibly soft while still being firm enough to give great support for my head and neck, as well as my lower back. I have had headaches due to lack of comfortable sleep, and this pillow has allowed me to sleep comfortably through the night. This pillow's machine washable cover wicks head away so I can get quality rest without feeling hot. When used on the back of a chair, this pillow acts as a lumbar support to ease back pain when sitting doing desk work for hours a day. I used to have poor posture and this pillow helps remind me to sit up straight and it alleviates the pain I used to have."

In February, which is the month of Valentine's Day, Smileylife is launching a special code for all customers to use when purchasing the Mildtravel Buddy or Mildtravel Pillow ( When they purchase at least 2 pieces, the customers can get a 10% discount.

To redeem the code, customers have to enter the code ZYRJHBBV at the checkout box before arranging payment. "It is very easy to get this cheaper price. If I don't make the wrong calculation, you will pay at $63.90 for 2 sets of Mildtravel Buddy, which typically cost $71", said by Ms. Matthaporn, the co-founder of Smileylife.

Moreover, customers will receive a free-shipping service from (Referring to the offer for the purchase of more than $35 per order, free delivery will be provided.)

"So, if you will get 2 sets of neck pillow with the 10% discount and a free-shipping service. You can rarely find this special price anywhere else", she added.

About Smileylife

Smileylife ( is a new household goods brand that sells on Amazon US. They are distinguished by their design minimalism, reasonable price and Eco-Friendly packaging.

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Saint Anthony Packs To Start Outside US For The First Few Weeks

UK customers to receive sample packs of Saint Anthony through Amazon Warehouse
Saint Anthony Packs To Start Outside US For The First Few Weeks
Saint Anthony Packs To Start Outside US For The First Few Weeks

February 7, 2016 – Dublin, Ireland (24 PRESS) — Pearl Consultancy, an online all-female consultancy affiliation has at last increased the level of religious things they have on the web. A statue of Saint Anthony is the best in class expansion on Saint Joseph range who made its name gigantic in home offering industry and made its name as one of the speediest online new relationship in less than one year.

"As far back as months, we continue getting private messages from our clients who got the stunning statue of Saint Joseph to perhaps solidify Saint Anthony statue on our religious party. These are the clients who happen to be fans of Saint Anthony and Saint Joseph in the same time", a message from the union CEO.

The CEO in like way says that while the statue is offered to everybody, it is all that completely proposed for the broad social affair who supplicate the Tuesday novena to St. Anthony for the unit continues running with delightful figurine ( of Saint Anthony with novena to God card. The CEO in like way said that the statue and the requesting to God set can give customers more center while continuing to God and an indication of the favors of Saint Anthony.

"This is just an obliged offer as 2016 began and we guarantee clients this will be an impeccable religious present for amigos, families, and adoration ones", an extra remark from the affiliation together CEO.

As appeared by the association CEO, Saint Anthony statue is basically open in UK break, clearly, when the first batch ( offer is done in the said degree, the statue of Saint Anthony is near set to be united into a level of religious things found in the alliance's Amazon page in USA also.

The organization CEO guaranteed its clients that further changes and stock change of the said methodology might be made open by the affiliation's official.

About Pearl Consultancy Lifestyle

Pearl Consultancy Lifestyle ( is an online all female lifestyle consultancy company. The founders have lived all over the world and just love to have nice, eco-friendly, efficient lifestyles wherever they are. The founders are happiest and at their best when their lifestyles work for them. This new company offers lifestyle advice and products based on their decades of experience globally.

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Conscious Choices Announces New And Improved Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs

The Sleep Wellness Company Conscious Choices Has Improved The Design Of Their Sleep Mask To Accommodate Their Customer’s Needs
Conscious Choices Announces New And Improved Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs
Conscious Choices Announces New And Improved Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs

A Short Video On What People Are Saying About The Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs

February 6, 2016 – Ossining, New York (24 PRESS) — Conscious Choices has recently improved their Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs ( According to the company’s online Amazon ( store, the new and improved sleep mask now features a stain-resistant, color fast formula. The company announces that the black eye shade that is made with high quality natural Milk Silk fibers and a sponge interior does not have a weird synthetic smell or capability to stain pillows. Additionally, the lightweight eye mask will not make the wearer sweat nor will it fall apart just after a few uses.

The company claims that their sleep mask is the best light blocking eye shade on the market. They state that the sleep shade hugs the contours of the nose so that no light gets in underneath. The eye shade’s contoured design also allows the eyes to blink naturally while sleeping. A wide velcro strap adjusts the sleep mask to all head sizes so that it won’t fall off and accommodates side sleepers. The sleep shade has over a hundred online reviews. Shift workers, sleep apnea suffers, apartment dwellers, and travelers have indicated success sleeping with the help of the sleep mask.

The new and improved design of the Sleep Mask With Cool Earplugs still features a set of soft noise-blocking earplugs that mold to the ear canal and a free MP3 audio with purchase. The MP3 audio is instantly downloadable to computers or cell phones and contains a sleep, relaxation, and meditation recording designed to help the listener achieve a state of better rest. The sleep mask is backed by the same 90-day risk free, no hassle, money back and free replacement guarantee for 100% satisfaction.

About Conscious Choices

Conscious Choices ( is dedicated to providing healthy solutions for deep sleep, rest and relaxation. Research has determined a causal relationship between restful sleep and productivity. They support the belief that getting a good night's rest also leads to making good choices that influence relationships, business and life decisions.

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