Innovative Approach To Weight Management Using Colon Cleansing

Eden Bible Blends, LLC permits exclusive sales of break-through

September 22, 2014 – Wilmington, DE (24 PRESS) — Safe & Healthy Choice, LLC is certainly delighted to point out the debut of a brand new colon cleanse ( supplement available on Amazon. The agency has now entered into a selective marketing or advertising agreement with Eden Bible blends LLC to offer the company's unique, multiple action recipe referred to as Total Cleanse.

The manufacturer often is replying to boosting calls for a purely natural strategy of colon and digestive system health and wellness considering daring reports coming from the American Cancer Society. In reality, colon cancer has become the 3rd top origin of cancer based deaths through the U . S .. Additionally, digestive ailments, specifically -"leaky guy syndrome," at the same time seem to be building in number.

Unsurprisingly, researchers, naturopaths, as well as dietitians are almost always explaining the advantages of detoxing the entire body while flushing the digestive tract combined with cleansing the colon. Today, raw actions, most notably colonoscopies and various other intrusive practices now have yielded to the more cost-effective, desirable, and delicate way of utilizing plant-based constituents in keeping the body healthy and fit and also purged just as nature herself expected.

Additionally abrupt as well as abrasive effects in past times accomplished by means of tough laxatives are generally replaced by gentler, far better, and continuing successes obtained as a result of all-natural properties. Among the most recently released upgrades in this market trend, certainly is the consumption of a mild supplement on a normal schedule for maintenance purposes in order to keep the human body extensively clean on daily basis.

Safe & Healthy Choice CEO Scott Talbert states: "Our company didn't have any affinity for distributing an alternative high-fiber combination or a arbitrary assemblage of herbal remedies. Our purpose was to cooperate together with mother nature to gain tremendous improvements safely, which is the reason we leverage both fiber content coupled with herbal supplements with optimal proportions, coupled with supplemental thermogenic properties for the well-balanced strategy."

Brand-new potential clients can easily have the lowest price ever before on this innovative, exclusive triple-action gentle & natural colon detoxing supplement that creates safe detox, facilitates digestive operation, and helps bring about colon healthiness as people are prompting weight management with a fantastic, 5-way weight loss helper supplement! For the duration of the short-term special promotion, save big through the the amazon website checkout process.

Price reduction promo website page (Use coupon code: 777PRTC7): (

About Safe & Healthy Choice, LLC

Eden Bible Blends ( is for people who wish to achieve maximum health and longevity. It's for people who want the age-old nutritional wisdom of the Holy Scriptures to improve the overall quality of their health and therefore their life. Leverages all-natural ingredients to detox the body, feed the cells, promote weight loss, and more.

Scott Talbert


Innovative New Product Bakers Have Been Waiting For Finally Arrives At Amazon!

Baking Buddy Has Revolutionized One of Amazon’s Most Popular Kitchen Gadgets.
Innovative New Product Bakers Have Been Waiting For Finally Arrives At Amazon!
Innovative New Product Bakers Have Been Waiting For Finally Arrives At Amazon!

September 22, 2014 – Houston, Texas (24 PRESS) — This Summer, Baking Buddy announced it would revolutionize the bakeware industry by re-imagining their version of one of Amazon's most popular baking products: the Silicone Baking Mat. Baking Mats are nonstick silicone sheets that line a baker's baking pan. For the past few years, Baking Mats have been considered one of the most essential items that bakers need. Some popular manufacturers, like Silpat and Artisan, have even been featured on popular Food Network shows such as Chopped and Sweet Genius.

When Baking Buddy revealed they would be developing an innovative version of the popular baking tool, baking enthusiasts impatiently awaited the companies reveal.

The wait is finally over now that Baking Buddy has released their long anticipated Baking Mat, and baking enthusiasts are excitedly agreeing, it has delivered. Most Baking Mats on the market are simply blank sheets, that don't utilize the products surface. "We thought this was such a waste of space, why not make the most out of all this empty room?" said Baking Buddy's development team, "There's so much information that amateur and professional bakers need at any given moment, why not put that on the surface so it's always available".

The groundbreaking design features on the mat's surface:

- Full Measurements
- Cleaning Instructions
- A Standard Cookie Recipe
- Easy to Follow Baking Tips
- Metric Conversions for Volume, Temperature and Weight
- A ‘Cookie Chart' that explains how to modify ingredient proportions based on how users want the cookie to bake.

Baking Buddy made news several months ago, after it was revealed that the silicone would come from the #1 Silicone Manufacturer, to ensure unbelievable quality for this new baking tool. These efforts have paid off. Maya Samuel reported in her Amazon verified review ( that "there was a significant difference in the evenness of how the two sets [of cookies] baked"

"We wanted to create something to make every Baker's life easier…it took us months to finally choose the perfect design after numerous versions, ideas and focus group sessions. With input and suggestions from hundreds of bakers, and the heart and soul poured in by our design team, we finally chose this design. We really think it will blow you away!" said Milaud Kaznoon, CEO of Baking Buddy.

Verified reviews on the product's Amazon listing are already calling this innovative new product an "Absolute Must Have". Alongside more tantalizing information and product photos in action, the new Baking Buddy Silicone Baking Mat is now available here on Amazon. (

About Sound Merchandising

Baking Buddy's goal is to make baking simple and fun; because nothing from a store can compare to the memories made when you bake with love! Baking Buddy's high quality bakeware is designed to make baking easier than ever by eliminating the stress and intimidation. Baking Buddy aims to inspire customers to create memories and bake with loved ones while supplying the highest quality baking mat on the market, seen here on Amazon: (

Milaud Kaznoon


Digital Food Thermometer Helps People Cook Meats Better

A Professional Kitchen Grade Device Helps In Cooking Meats Perfectly and Avoiding Foodborne Illness
Digital Food Thermometer Helps People Cook Meats Better
Digital Food Thermometer Helps People Cook Meats Better

September 22, 2014 – South Riding, VA (24 PRESS) — Cooking meats on the open grill can be an advantage for every chef. It is rather easier to tell when the foods are ready, but grill masters may worry about roasting meats on the barbecue. Different types of meat should be cooked at different internal temperatures. When a person needs to handle the BBQ's finer points, the meat temperature is not essentially of greatest priority. It's necessary however to surely know when the meats are cooked to avoid foodborne illness.

This is where the Kiserena Digital Food Thermometer (–Waterproof-excellent-refrigerator/dp/B00EDROYDU/) can help. It can record temperature range from -58°F to 572°F and can be used indoors and outdoors. The food thermometer helps people get an accurate reading of temperature without allowing a great amount of heat to escape, since it takes only five to six seconds to get a reading. This prevents cooking heat from escaping, and makes sure meats don't dry out and become hard and in poor taste.

The display is digital and large, which helps anyone to read the food temperatures easily. When the tip of the stainless steel probe is inserted into meats, poultry or fish the digital LCD immediately displays the internal cooking temperature to make certain the foods are cooked well as well as protected from risky bacteria.

The thermometer has LR1130 or AG13 battery included and features an auto shutdown power saver to make sure the battery lasts extensively. This kitchen device is waterproof and BPA, phthalate and lead free. With all the features mentioned, people are now loving the product and happy to have this thermometer in their collection.

"We have gone through a number of food thermometers lately, and I was searching for something that wouldn't break the week after we got it. I have been quite pleased with this one. We have been using it daily and have no complaints – it is working great," said R. Peterson, a satisfied Kiserena customer.

"The thermometer is nice and long, and includes a clip to help get accurate readings. The display screen is large, and my husband really appreciates that he can check the temperature of his meat in the grill easily, vs. other thermometers with small displays that are hard to see in the shadows of the grill. We would definitely recommend!"

Kiserena LLC is a company that's dedicated to offer customers the highest quality kitchen tool. The company has put up a reputation for offering premium quality products and best possible customer service. All products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for added confidence and exclusively available on Amazon (

William Cheng, co-founder of Kiserena is proud to have this premium digital food thermometer that enables all food lovers to eat safe and delicious foods.

About Kiserena

Kiserena Inc. is dedicated to provide top quality meat thermometer ( and other household items. The company has known for a commitment to thoughtful, top-quality and intuitively designed products.

Amendra Singh


Expresspower Launch Powerful Portable Battery Chargers For Smartphones And Tablets

Stay connected with the new expresspower 3000mah and 10000mah powerbanks.
Expresspower Launch Powerful Portable Battery Chargers For Smartphones And Tablets
Expresspower Launch Powerful Portable Battery Chargers For Smartphones And Tablets

September 22, 2014 – Austin, Texas (24 PRESS) — Expresspower has launched two powerful new portable battery chargers for smartphones and tablets, putting an end to the phenomenon of ‘battery anxiety' and endowing millions of smartphone users with huge power reserves. The devices can give a juice boost to smartphone and tablet devices, whether manufactured by Apple or Samsung, and can be carried around on a daily basis so no user will ever need to suffer the dreaded ‘dead battery'.

With a 3000mah and a 10000mah charger available, these high-quality power banks are set to change how smartphones and tablets are viewed. No longer will there be a need to hunt for power points to get a battery boost, nor to cancel plans or respond to emails with silence when the battery dies. The devices charge phones quickly and efficiently, so even on the unfortunate days when chargers are accidentally left on the kitchen counter or bedside table, smartphones and tablets can enjoy a juice boost whenever needed.

Battery life is a real consideration when buying a new smartphone – 44% of women and 48% of men deem it crucial to their choice of device. And when the battery indicator on that shiny new smartphone dips into the red zone which means a loss of power is imminent, what's labelled ‘battery anxiety can begin to develop'. It's led to thousands of people buying up multiple chargers for their car and their office, as well as carrying external batteries so their smartphone or tablet won't run out of juice.

A spokesperson for expresspower says, "The technology we have access to within our smartphones today is incredible, but many of the devices still have a problem maintaining battery life for more than 12 hours. Our 3000mah portable charging pack offers up to a full charge for a multitude of popular smartphone brands, putting a stop to that sinking feeling that you get when your phone dies in the middle of an important call or just as you're about to take a picture of a special moment. Users can take the pack anywhere – its compact lipstick size means it can be slid into pockets and purses easily, and there's no need to have access to a power point to utilise the charger. Our slimline 10000mah charger is capable of fully charging a tablet, or up to 5 charges of a smartphone. Both chargers come with protective pouches and cable accessories."

To celebrate the launch of the powerbanks on, expresspower is offering a 25% price reduction on both these high quality models, reducing prices from $23.99 to $18 (+ free shipping if two are purchased) for the 3000mah powerbank, and from $44.99 to $35 (+ free shipping) for the 10000mah powerbank.

Both the 3000mah ( and 10000mah ( powerbanks make ideal Christmas and Birthday gifts and can be purchased on until this offer expires on October 5th.

About expresspower

Expresspower is the supplier of stylish high quality portable battery chargers —–expresspower powerbanks (

+61 400 861 801


Rip Toned Releases New Video On The Benefits And Use Of Lifting Wrist Straps

The many benefits and use of lifting wrist straps are showcased on Rip Toned’s newly launched video. More informative videos are expected to be released on their YouTube channel.
Rip Toned Releases New Video On The Benefits And Use Of Lifting Wrist Straps

September 22, 2014 – West Kelowna, BC (24 PRESS) — Rip Toned, with its continuous effort to provide awareness on safe and effective weightlifting workout with the use of lifting wrist straps, launches a new video in YouTube about the benefits and functions of using weight lifting straps. The video runs for less than 2 minutes and shows images and texts that describes how beneficial wrist straps are for weightlifters. Rip Toned believes that visual campaigns like video presentation could effectively provide awareness to all weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts.

Weightlifters can now watch more useful and informative videos from Rip Toned’s YouTube channel as the company plans to create and upload more videos about weightlifting. These videos will include topics about lifting wrist straps ( as well as the the use of lifting belts. Lifting straps how to use video is also up in their YouTube channel.

By subscribing to their YouTube website, fitness enthusiasts can receive updates on the recent fitness videos and can take part in the discussion. Rip Toned also strongly encourages viewers to ask questions and leave their comments and suggestions on YouTube’s comment box. These actions would help the company to know the needs of their viewers better which can help them to provide better videos and even better products for them in the future.

Aside from YouTube, Rip Toned has been actively using other social media channels recently to reach more people and spread more awareness about weightlifting. Rip Toned can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media networks that people can easily find if they want more information about weightlifting, lifting wrist straps and belts.

About Rip Toned

Rip Toned is committed to helping weightlifters and aspiring ones to reach their fitness goals and sculpt the physique of their dreams. Rip Toned weight lifting straps ( are quickly taking the industry by storm. Their Rip Toned weightlifting belt adds pressure to the abdominal area, keeping the form true while protecting the core area and safely maximizing weightlifting potential.

Mark Pasay


New Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplement Offers Dosages For Appetite Suppression And Weight Loss

Sine Health Labs’ new 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement offers dosages for Appetite (Satiety) Suppression and Weight Loss
New Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplement Offers Dosages For Appetite Suppression And Weight Loss
New Garcinia Cambogia Extract Supplement Offers Dosages For Appetite Suppression And Weight Loss

This video explains the Garcinia Cambogia By Sine Health Labs and how one can purchase it at a greatly reduced price.

September 22, 2014 – Atlanta, Georgia (24 PRESS) — HCA (Hydroxycitric acid), is a natural extract from a small, pumpkin-shaped fruit, called Garcinia Cambogia that’s native to Indonesia. Although it’s just recently been making waves in the weight loss ( industry, after the American Medical TV Personality, Dr. Mehmet Oz, described it in his popular “Dr. Oz Show”, as the “Holy Grail of Weight Loss”, Garcinia Cambogia has actually long been used in traditional South Asian dishes for weight loss due to its appetite-blocking abilities.

Recent researches claim that the HCA (extract) found in the rind of the Garcinia Cambogia fruit is the ingredient responsible for the appetite-blocking abilities of the fruit, and that aside from its appetite-blocking abilities, it also has fat-blocking abilities, both of which promote the maximum weight loss potential. This discovery led Sine Health Labs and other similar big manufacturers of weight loss solutions to formulate weight loss product with HCA ( extract as the main ingredient.

Sine Health Labs, taking pride in producing only the most natural and pure weight loss extracts using the latest technology, formulated the 100% Pure and Natural Garcinia Cambogia extract supplement. As the name suggests, the product is made of 100% pure and natural Garcinia cambogia extracts, with no additional binders, artificial ingredients or any other dangerous stimulants.

Benefits that the 100% pure and natural Garcinia cambogia extract supplement Sine health Labs offers include:

- Dosages for appetite suppression and maximum weight loss. Potent daily serving dosages from 800 mg up to 1600 mg, the highest recommended dosage for maximum weight loss.

- Has 60% HCA, which is 20% stronger than the 50% HCA found in most supplements in the market.

- One bottle contains 60 capsules for 30-60 day supply depending on dosage.

- 100% Satisfaction and Money Back Guarantee.

About Sine Health Labs

Sine Health Labs aims is to provide high quality health supplement to its customers. The company's products such as Pure Garcinia Cambogia and Saffron ( Extract Platinum are all manufactured under strict GMP conditions and batches are regularly checked for the consumer"s security and safety.

Linda Williams
+1 404 287 06 98

### Announces Fruit Infused Water Bottle Debut With Limited Discount

A new Fruit Infusion Bottle designed as a healthy alternative to enhancing beverage flavor by adding real fruit through its innovative design. Announces Fruit Infused Water Bottle Debut With Limited Discount Announces Fruit Infused Water Bottle Debut With Limited Discount

September 22, 2014 – Atlanta, GA (24 PRESS) — This new Fruit Infusion Water Bottle ( is designed to be a fun way to give consumers the option to add fresh fruit and herbs to their beverages. By adding the fruit or herbs directly to the beverage via the infuser, the enhanced flavor will be all natural and healthy.

This design allows many different possible combinations such as peach flavored water, herb infused tea, or even strawberry enhanced vodka. The Fruit Infusion Bottle is healthier than store purchased beverages with additives and customers always know exactly what is in their drink.

To maximize enhancement and product enjoyment, it is recommended to mix the fruit and beverage and leave in the refrigerator overnight for a cool refreshing and flavorful drink. Pre- sliced fruit can also be frozen to act as ice cubes. An infuser full of fruit can go a long way and enhance several refills of the beverage. The fruit can then be enjoyed after the drink as a healthy snack.

These stylish bottles feature a longer and wider infusion tube, handle top,and leak proof seals. They are dishwasher safe and completely reusable to minimize environmental impact and are completely BPA free.

President and CEO Edna Sheffield states, " We are so proud and excited to announce our new Fruit Infusion Bottle as the answer for those who are health and environmentally conscious at such an affordable price. This easily refillable bottle is perfect for all activities including exercising and anywhere else you would normally purchase a beverage."

This product is sold exclusively on and features a 60 Day, no questions asked return policy.

About Perfect Life Source, LLC

Perfect Life Source,LLC is committed to providing their customers with fun, high quality health inspired products, such as the Fruit Infused Water Bottle (, while promoting safe environmental practices.

Edna Sheffield


Silly Muffins Welcomes A Silicone Spatula To The Product Line

Buy The Silly Muffins Pan And Get The Silly Spatula For Free
Silly Muffins Welcomes A Silicone Spatula To The Product Line
Silly Muffins Welcomes A Silicone Spatula To The Product Line

How to get the Silly Spatula free

September 21, 2014 – New York, NY (24 PRESS) — BBNY Inc. has been selling Silly Muffins Pan on Amazon since the early Spring. Since its inception, the 100% silicone muffin pan has sold well due to it's versatility and high quality build. Silicone cooking products clean easier than traditional metal utensils. Silicone is also more durable and lightweight. Silly Muffins Pan can be used to make cupcakes, muffins, soufflé, ice and many other goods. In addition, is it refrigerator, oven and dishwasher safe.

Due to the success of Silly Muffins Pan, BBNY Inc. has released its newest products known as the Silly Muffins Silly Spatula ( The spatula is made of 100% silicone and measures less than one foot long. Its smaller size allows the spatula to be used as a decorating utensil in addition to just a mixing tool.

"It is the perfect compliment to our Silly Muffins Pan," says Wally Bright, Director of Customer Service at BBNY Inc. "Our customers love how our silicone muffin pan cleans up so easily. The Silly Muffins Silly Spatula is is the ideal utensil to go along with the pan."

For those who purchase the Silly Muffins Pan, BBNY Inc. will provide a promotional code which gives the consumer a free Silly Spatula. The unique code is can be used at checkout on Amazon. Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on both items. The Silly Muffins Silly Spatula is also available for sale separately.

The offer is valid for a limited time only as supplies are limited. More information can be found on Amazon or the Silly Muffins official website (

About BBNY Inc.

BBNY Inc. are the makers of products that make life better. They are the makers of the Silicone Muffin Pan known as Silly Muffins and the Silly Spatula. More info can be found at ( ( BBNY Inc. has a solid social media fans base who are supportive and active. The company is always looking for new products that will continue to enhance the lives of individuals.

Wally Bright
(978) 712-9567


BikingMyWay Initiates Green Living Through Outdoor Fitness Activities And Clean Technology

Healthy Living And Outdoor Fitness Campaigns Launched By BikingMyWay Inc.
BikingMyWay Initiates Green Living Through Outdoor Fitness Activities And Clean Technology
BikingMyWay Initiates Green Living Through Outdoor Fitness Activities And Clean Technology

September 21, 2014 – Hicksville, New York (24 PRESS) — Officially launched as an outdoor lifestyle gear company, BikingMyWay campaigns for healthy lifestyle and awareness on environmental protection. Starting October 1, 2014, the company is prepping the company's main website ( ( for healthy living advocacies as well as pushing for research and development on sustainable technology that encompasses the concept of clean engineering and environmental management. The online site will be updated with these environmental campaigns on that day.

BikingMyWay Inc. is a company that is geared towards improving lives through active and healthy lifestyle and clean technology. As of today, they have released several outdoor gears and active wear that are more specifically designed for sports and recreational biking. "It is the team's utmost goal to develop products that promotes healthy living and environment conservation. The company's culture is to employ practical and safe methods in delivering products that matter", said Samantha Reese, Brand Manager at BikingMyWay.

The company's social websites have set the banner for the development of eco-safe products and the efficient use of energy. As they proudly inform consumers, biking is the cleanest way to travel without damaging nature and wasting fossil fuels. "It is best to inculcate healthy methods and eco-friendly ideas with consumers as these ideas and knowledge can be shared with their friends and loved ones", Reese added.

BikingMyWay's official webpage is updated with biking tips, news, and updates about clean and healthy lifestyle. Information on the website is mostly geared towards recreational sports and green technology. For inquiries about the company's product developments, BikingMyWay Facebook page ( ( contains information about their active lifestyle products.

About BikingMyWay Inc.

BikingMyWay Inc. Outdoor Athletics ( is a New York-based company specializing in design and development of bike accessories.

Jennifer Wang


Adding New Dimension To The Drinking Experience: The Launch Of The New Rox Classic Ice Ball Maker

Simple Home Creations today announced the launch of their latest product, the Rox Classic Sphere Ice Cube Mold. Capable of creating 4 large ice balls, the product offers a stylish alternative to conventional square ice cube molds.
Adding New Dimension To The Drinking Experience: The Launch Of The New Rox Classic Ice Ball Maker
Adding New Dimension To The Drinking Experience: The Launch Of The New Rox Classic Ice Ball Maker

September 20, 2014 – Raymore, MO (24 PRESS) — The Rox Classic Ice Ball Maker is now officially available to buy from Simple Home Creations. Created from 100% FDA approved high-grade silicone, the ice tray features 4 spherical ice molds, each capable of producing sizeable 4.5cm ice balls. Designed as a playful, aesthetic alternative to conventional ice cube trays, the Rox Classic offers users an easy way to add style to their drinks.

What sets the Rox Classic Ice Ball Maker ( apart from other similar products on the market?

Simple Home Creations specialize in supplying products that improve upon an established design. The Rox Classic Sphere Ice Ball Mold ( not only creates perfectly spherical ice balls, but also offers a wide range of other advantages when contrasted to the traditional ice cube mold design.

Rather than being made from solid, inflexible material, which cannot be bent or twisted, the flexible silicone material of the Rox Classic enables the user to extract their ice cubes swiftly and easily, with the minimum of hassle. This marks a significant shift from the standard ice cube tray, which tends to leave users resorting to hitting it against a hard surface in order to release the ice cubes inside.

The ice balls created by the Rox Classic Ice Cube Tray are also substantially larger than their conventional counterparts, which means that they are longer lasting, and provide coolness to a beverage for an extended period of time. However, the main attraction of the product is the unusual shaping of the ice, which makes an unusual, appealing visual touch for a drink.

What has the Rox Classic Sphere Ice Tray got to offer?

"This ice cube tray is designed from silicone," states a spokesperson for Simple Home Creations, "which instantly makes things simpler, as silicone is durable, easy-to-clean and fully dishwasher and oven proof. However, the Rox Classic offers something a little bit more than just a superior level of ice cube production. The ice spheres are really attractive, far more aesthetically appealing than their small cube counterparts, and they make a dramatic addition to any drink, from a malt whisky to a long island tea."

The Rox Classic is also made using completely BPA Free Food Grade silicone, which means, if users want to get creative and add herbs or olives to their ice balls, they can do so in complete safety.

"It's easy to use," Simple Home Creations continue, "and what's more, it produces really great quality, stylish ice balls, which makes it ideal for those who love to entertain."

Feedback on the Rox Classic Sphere Ice Maker

In initial market research and testing, the response to the product was incredibly favorable, with many users expressing pleasure at the quality of the sphere shaping and the ease of use.

"So far, we've had nothing but positive feedback, which is always good to hear when launching a new product," the company says. "We're really excited to be finally bringing this product to the market and launching it across the US."

About Simple Home Creations 3rd Person

Simple Home Creations is a company that stretches the limit of the home products definition. Although they do excel in the kitchen and dining, beauty, baby, lawn and garden categories, they are also actively researching new areas such as travel, sports and outdoors, pet supplies, and green products. Their current flagship product is the new Rox ice ball mold (

Marty Feuerborn