CamKix Release The Grab And Go Pack: A Comprehensive Package Of GoPro Accessories

A Selection of Commonly Used GoPro Mounts and Accessories Now Available in One Package From Retailer, CamKix
CamKix Release The Grab And Go Pack: A Comprehensive Package Of GoPro Accessories
CamKix Release The Grab And Go Pack: A Comprehensive Package Of GoPro Accessories

July 30, 2014 – Portland, Oregon (24 PRESS) — CamKix, an international retailer specializing in camera accessories, have recently unveiled their planned release of the Grab and Go Accessory Kit ( for the GoPro camera into the US market.

The kit, featuring fourteen unique accessories for the GoPro camera, is a comprehensive pack covering all common requirements of users while out on shoots.

Contents of the Grab and Go kit:

• 2 x Adhesive mounts, one curved and one flat. These can be used for attaching mounts to almost any surface, including helmets, cars and even plane wings.

• 1 x 3-Way Pivot Arm. A mount capable of moving left and right as well as up and down, allowing users to get their camera fixed at the perfect angle, no matter what position they need. Includes quick release buckle.

• 1 x Vertical Quick Release Buckle. Used to attach to fixed accessories such as the adhesive mounts or body-straps. Easy to attach and remove.

• 1 x Locking Plug. Ensures the camera remains secure when attached to a mount via the quick release buckle by locking it in place.

• 1 x Tripod Mount. A mount designed with a universal screw attachment system. Made to fit on all GoPro pole, tripod and extension mounts.

• 3 x Thumbscrews. One long and two short for secure attachment to mounts and other accessories.

• 1 x Thumbscrew Easy Open Tool. A tool specifically designed to allow the user to easily tighten or loosen thumbscrews without effort.

• 1 x Pack of Anti-Fog Inserts. Small cellulose fiber inserts coated in silica gel that absorb any moisture buildup within the camera housing, removing the chance of a blurred lens ruining a film shoot.

• 1 x Handlebar Mount. Purpose-built for attachment to push-bikes to allow users to get quality footage while riding without risking their safety by holding the camera.

• 1 x Adjustable Wrist Strap. Can be adjusted to any size to fit even the largest or smallest of wrists. Keeps the camera securely attached to the user, preventing is from becoming lost even if dropped.

• 1 x Leash Tether. Used to secure GoPro to mounts or the user via thin, but durable, tether.

This package, as well as a range of other GoPro accessories ( and cases, is now available on the CamKix website and in the Amazon marketplace.

About Camkix

Camkix produces high quality, yet great value, GoPro accessories (, camera lenses, and cell phone covers. Camkix takes pride in ensuring that all customers are fully satisfied.

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Seybelle Stretch Mark Cream Ticks Every Safety And Quality Box.

Naturalands Cosmetics Offers A Beauty Product Range That Is FDA And cGMP Compliant, Paraben Free, Not Tested On Animals And Made In USA.
Seybelle Stretch Mark Cream Ticks Every Safety And Quality Box.
Seybelle Stretch Mark Cream Ticks Every Safety And Quality Box.

Stretch Mark Cream

July 29, 2014 – Pensacola, Florida (24 PRESS) — Naturalands is a new cosmetics company that specializes in the development and manufacture of body and face creams. The company is proud to introduce a Stretch Mark Cream ( from its Seybelle range that it claims is manufactured using the highest possible industry standards available.

The company says that it is proud that their stretch mark cream is manufactured in their FDA registered ( and cGMP certified facility based in Florida. Naturalands says that they have made it their mission to reach the highest possible healthy and safety standards, from research and testing right through to formulation, production and distribution.

Thomas J. Cortiz, Co-Founder of Naturalands Group says, "The beauty market is flooded with so many poor quality products and gimmicks that we want our customers to be rest assured that they are purchasing products scrutinized under quality health control measures."

In related news, Naturalands claim to employ industry elite chemists who are highly experienced in the development of innovative, custom formulas. Thomas says, "Our chemists are constantly searching for innovative yet scientifically proven solutions for personal skin care products," says Becky Livine, a Naturalands spokesperson. He goes on to say, "They (chemists) operate under strict industry guidelines that provide for the utmost safety. As such, our products are certainly paraben free and not tested on animals."

The Seybelle stretch mark cream contains three active ingredients including a peptide called Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 which stimulates the production of Collagen that in turn increases cellular density. The second is Panthenol; a nourishing Vitamin which hydrates the skin to increase suppleness and elasticity, allowing more flexible skin adaptation when undergoing rapid expansion. Finally, a botanical extract called Marrubium Vulgare that protects the skin from degradation, and reduces any inflammation that may occur during stretching.

Seybelle stretch mark cream is retailed in a 4fl oz tube and is available online at at a 20% discount price of $28.00 while stocks last.

About Naturalands Cosmetics

Naturalands Cosmetics is committed to leading the beauty industry by creating natural world renowned skin care products ( and providing superior customer service.

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Kitchen Claws By KitchenReady Now Available On

Company places popular product on world’s largest online retailer
Kitchen Claws By KitchenReady Now Available On
Kitchen Claws By KitchenReady Now Available On

July 29, 2014 – Pierson, MI (24 PRESS) — Kitchen Claws, the popular new product from KitchenReady are now available on according to the company’s website ( Amazon is the world's largest online retailer with over $74 billion in revenue in 2013. The poplar online retailer is also one of the most trusted sources for product reviews.

KitchenReady's Kitchen Claws are used primarily to quickly shred various types of meat such as pulled pork or to safely transfer meat from a hot surface to a platter or cutting board. Their website also list a variety of other uses such as tossing and serving salads or mixing coleslaw. Kitchen Claws are made from a heat resistant, durable polycarbonate that is safe for food handling.

KitchenReady just recently announced the release of Kitchen Claws and immediately decided to launch the item on Amazon ( The Kitchen Claws are available at a reduced sales price for a limited time.

With the growing reach of the Food Network and a multitude of cooking programs, 'Pulled Pork BBQ' and other types of shredded meat (beef brisket, chicken) has become increasingly popular during summer cookouts and events. What used to be considered a ‘Southern' style of serving meat has become a staple of back yard grills and smokers around the globe. Pulling and shredding large amounts of meat such as pork shoulders can be done in far less time than with Kitchen Claws than with the traditional fork and knife combination.

KitchenReady is also planning upcoming promotions for Kitchen Claws and new features to their website in the near future.

About KitchenReady

KitchenReady prides itself on maintaining quality products and first-rate customer service. Kitchen Claws are for both the professional chef and the home cook enthusiast. KitchenReady focuses on the products and services ( that improve the experience in and around the kitchen and the grill.

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Correct Ingredients Key To Success Of Mimi Fontaine Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Gratifying Success of Anti Aging Eye Cream Due to Natural Ingredients with Healthful Properties
Correct Ingredients Key To Success Of Mimi Fontaine Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream
Correct Ingredients Key To Success Of Mimi Fontaine Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream

July 28, 2014 – Los Angeles, California (24 PRESS) — Obviously, the right combination of ingredients is key to whether a beauty product performs as expected. Many of the long list of moisturizing products on the market today just regroup the same ingredients in different proportions, and it is difficult for the average customer who just wants to reduce the wrinkles and look a little younger to understand what is actually responsible for how the product works. Mimi Fontaine's new Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream was introduced just a few weeks ago on Amazon and has been enjoying gratifying success according to founder Lynn Campbell. She feels that is partially due to some natural ingredients whose healthful properties have not been fully realized and utilized until recently.

One of those which Campbell considers particularly effective for her new Anti Aging Eye Cream ( is licorice root extract. Licorice comes from a plant called Glycyrrhiza Glabra, a legume related to beans and peas that is native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia. The root is the part of the plant typically used for its health and skin care benefits. Licorice root extract, an important ingredient in the new Mimi Fontaine product, comes from boiling the roots to evaporate the water and reduce them to a syrup. Several studies suggest licorice root extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory, helping to control swelling and redness, known to fade dark spots and blemishes and lighten skin, is good for psoriasis and eczema and is known to contain anti-oxidants that help protect the skin from free-radical induced damage. Other health benefits have also been found, but its basic function in Mimi Fontaine Eye Cream is to "harmonize" the other natural ingredients in the formula to help them work better.

Additional ingredients are hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed elastin, retinyl palmitate, Vitamin E, and the product base aloe barbadensis leaf juice extract. There are no parabens and no propylene glycol and no animal testing is involved. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Mimi Fontaine Moisturizing Anti-Aging Eye Cream can be used by both men and women. It is the first in a line of anti-aging products to be introduced by Mimi Fontaine in response to requests from clients for products to help reduce signs of aging. Anti-Aging Eye Cream by Mimi Fontaine is available on Amazon (

About Mimi Fontaine

Anti-Aging Eye Cream ( by Mimi Fontaine has been developed and is being released after over twenty years in the salon industry. It is effective for both men and women and is available now.

Lynn Campbell


Yohimbe Increases Sex Drive According To Purely Scientific

Yohimbe has been proven by science effective and potent in enhancing the declining sex drive among women. The extract of this tree is part of the components, together with Maca and Epimedium, of Libido Blast, a premium female libido enhancer of Purely Scientific.
Yohimbe Increases Sex Drive According To Purely Scientific

Natural Female Libido Supplement

July 27, 2014 – Phoenix, AZ (24 PRESS) — In a press conference of the Company yesterday held at its main headquarters in Fountain Hills, Arizona, Spokesperson Alexandria Kohler emphasized one scientific study that backs up their claim on the efficacy of Yohimbe as contained in their “Libido Blast,” a premium female libido enhancer. “This scientific study provided facts and evidence that the extract taken from this tree or plant could elevate the level of women’s sex drive,” said the Spokesperson.

What is Yohimbe ( in the first place? According to the official website of Nature’s Health Company, “Yohimbe is a natural herb which is taken from the bark of the Yohimbe Tree. These trees are found growing in the wild in Africa.”

This tree’s potency to uplift the sex drive among humans, particularly women, had been explicated by the same website. “(This tree or plant) is a natural but very powerful aphrodisiac. The unique and helpful thing about it compared to some of the other herbal aphrodisiacs is that it not only increases performance and heightens enjoyment; it also has been shown to help increase sexual arousal ( This is extremely helpful for those suffering sexual side effects from psychological impotence or other physiological problems.”

“This press conference that we have called right now is a good venue for us to answer some questions related to our claim. There is a question that might fill people’s mind, like why is this tree considered beneficial to uplift libido?” Alexandria Kohler continued.

The Nature’s Health Company website had this explanation: “The active component of (this tree) is Yohimbine, an alkaloid MAO inhibitor that blocks adrenergic receptors. The alkaloid yohimbine blocks alpha-2-adrenergic nerve activity, which normally constricts the blood vessels. When this nerve activity is blocked, the vessels are allowed to dilate.”

Besides Yohimbe, Libido Blast also has Maca and Epimedium, among other supportive ingredients. “The blend of these ingredients makes our product one of the best in the market. This formula is available in Amazon, and has an affordable price for the potential consumers,” expressed the Spokesperson of the Company.

About Libido Blast

Libido Blast™ is a company dedicated to helping women enjoy life to its fullest. Sharing intimacy is a satisfying part of life. As a premium female libido enhancer (, Libido Blast desires to help all women experience the passionate life they deserve.

Using only premium herbal ingredients, the formula is based upon the wisdom and science from both the East and the West. Although many women approaching menopause years rave about the formula, women of all ages benefit. The product is conveniently and safely available on Amazon.

Alexandria Kohler


Exclusive Free Shipping On Premium Supplement Product Just Announced

Premium Supplement Brand Announced Free Shipping On Their Best Selling Product
Exclusive Free Shipping On Premium Supplement Product Just Announced

July 27, 2014 – Deerfield Beach, FL (24 PRESS) — Premium health and supplement brand Nuralis just announced that their best selling product, « Prentatal Vitamins Ultra Complete » is now available with free shipping inside the US. This pregnancy vitamins is offered on the world’s biggest and most popular e-commerce platform, « The choice of going wih this major player in retail was obvious » stated Johnny Black, head of marketing and sales, some days ago. « Amazon offers a lot of services and a great customer experience that lot’s of other distribution channels lack. One of them is free shipping on orders over $35 ( ».

In deed, offers free shipping on shopping cards of at least $35 of eligible items. Eligible items are items with the mention "eligible for FREE Shipping" next to the price. All the buyer has to do is to proceed to checkout and indicate a single US address. The typical lead-time for orders with free shipping is 5 to 8 business days.

“Our prenatal vitamins cost normally $35,99, which qualifies buyers automatically for free shipping. Right now we’ve lowered our sales price though and offer our “Prenatal Vitamins Ultra Complete” for just $25,99.” says Mr. Black. “Our vitamin bottles have 90 tablets, which will last for 90 days as these are one-a-day tablets. Which means that with only 2 bottles, a women can cover almost two third of her entire needs in terms of prenatal vitamin and save the shipping costs.”. Knowing that Nuralis’ prenatal supplement are also recommended while conceiving and breastfeeding, women can save money while doing really everything they can to enhance their babies’ health before, during and after pregnancy.

Buyers can go to to take advantage of free shipping on Nuralis prenatal vitamins ( .

About Nuralis

Nuralis is an online health and nutritional supplement company. Their mission is to provide their customers with premium dietary supplement products to enhance their health and vitality.

For Nuralis the customers' health is their most vital asset and protecting it should be easy and accessible to everyone. Yet as it's not always easy to understand the confusing world of the health improvement market they focus on offering both premium, outstanding products as well as a premium, outstanding customer experience. Their goal is to help their customers achieve ultimate health and wellbeing.

Their products are being offered on the leading online marketplace (,

Helen Foster
(954) 573-2809


AKO Innovations Launches New Product, AKO Savior Portable Smartphone Battery Charger.

AKO Innovations LLC is announcing the release of their newest Product. It is Portable SmartPhone/iPhone Charger. A Product for the SmartPhone Generation People and People on the Go.

July 26, 2014 – Cary, NC (24 PRESS) — AKO Innovations LLC, an Innovations Company based in Cary, North Carolina announces its newest Product.

AKO Innovations is a company based in Cary, North Carolina. It is dedicated to bringing new products to the market and in its first attempt to bring such product to the market, it announces "AKO Savior", a true Savior in the world of iPhone/Android/SmartPhone batteries, as per the Founder and CEO of AKO Innovations LLC.

Today, AKO Savior Ultra-Compact External Portable SmartPhone/iPhone Charger, a new product is announced by AKO Innovations LLC. It is a ultra-compact portable emergency use charger for charging iPhone, SmartPhone on the go. It is the first new Product launched by this company in the newest line of products it has plans in the future.

This Product went live on Amazon today. It is available at Amazon for an introductory price of $15.99 Amazon Prime Users can order it free of any shipping costs and get 2 day shipping. The Ultra-Compact Portable Charger ( can be ordered at Amazon.

AKO Innovations CEO commented "putting this product on Amazon puts this product in the reach of millions of Amazon Customers"

AKO Innovations LLC plans to offer this product and other similar products at its website in near future.

AKO Innovations LLC is very excited with this Launch of the Product. This Product is to let iPhone, Android, SmartPhone users Extend/Prolong the use of the SmartPhone Batteries by giving an urgent boost, Juice when it needs it. AKO Innovations is looking forward to bringing such innovative products to the market in future.

About AKO Innovations LLC

AKO Innovations LLC is a company based in Cary North Carolina. Customer Satisfaction is the main goal of AKO Innovations in whatever it is involved with. AKO Innovations, as the name suggests, is involved in bringing new and innovative high quality products to the customer.
ultra-compact portable charger (

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Natures Tools Partners With Amazon To Ensure Smooth Hyaluronic Acid Serum Transactions

Available via Amazon, Natures Tools, the leading manufacturer of the best-selling anti-aging formula has taken step to ensure each customer has a smooth and convenient buying experience.
Natures Tools Partners With Amazon To Ensure Smooth Hyaluronic Acid Serum Transactions
Natures Tools Partners With Amazon To Ensure Smooth Hyaluronic Acid Serum Transactions

Dry Skin

July 26, 2014 – Brooklyn, NY (24 PRESS) — On Amazon, an issue-free purchasing and positive experience is what matters most for each customer. Natures Tools, the company behind the anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid ( , has joined forces with Amazon to ensure every transaction is guaranteed.

The top-selling skin and beauty wonder is known to keep the skin looking and feeling healthy and restore its youthful glow. Made from natural ingredients, the product is the only one of its kind on to have been incorporated with the breakthrough Lilac Stem Cell technology for faster anti-aging results.

"[It's] great to hear that you got such a speedy delivery," said Dominik, Co-Founder of Natures Tools.. "That is exactly why we partnered with as we know they are well known for getting products to customers extremely fast!"

Purchasing the product through was a breeze to Daniel Worsham, one of the many satisfied customers of Hyaluronic Acid Serum: "My husband searched on Amazon after I mentioned getting a facial serum. I took a look and Nature Tools' listing and it seemed like the sure bet to give a try. It arrived quickly! I applied it right away and noticed instant results that lasted through the day with helping my dry skin and brightening it up!"

Another aspect regarding the new partnership is that customers can enjoy a risk-free purchase. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum is offered with a "No Questions Asked Lifetime Money Back Guarantee" for customers who will not find the skin care product completely satisfying for any reason.

With each hassle-free purchase at, customers will find the breakthrough anti-aging solution a great option for achieving supple, healthy, hydrated, even toned and clear skin fast. The Stem Cell Technology boosts the product's capacity to show results in as little as a few days. It helps stimulate collagen to reduce blemishes and alleviate skin conditions blackheads, breakouts, pimples, redness and rosacea. As it is 100% pure and water-based, the product is very easy to apply.

For best results, Natures Tools recommends for users to start off test the Hyaluronic Acid Serum through a drop on their hand and see any reaction. Without any, the product may then be applied in the desired area, generally the face, using a few drops. The amount for each application may be increased as desired after the first week of use.

For best results, the Hyaluronic Acid ( should be applied on well-hydrated skin, with moisturizer also applied immediately after.

About Natures Tools

Natures Tools is an Amazon retailer specializing in Beauty and skincare products. The company is marketing a new Hyaluronic Acid Serum ( that contains Lilac stem cells for dramatic results on the skin.

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New Stainless Steel Barbeque Cleaning Brush With Scraper Makes Clean-up Easy

Brand New High Quality BBQ Cleaning Brush Sold Exclusively on Provides Free Delicious Recipes Bonus
New Stainless Steel Barbeque Cleaning Brush With Scraper Makes Clean-up Easy
New Stainless Steel Barbeque Cleaning Brush With Scraper Makes Clean-up Easy

July 25, 2014 – Houston, Texas (24 PRESS) — Grilling is one of summer's greatest pleasures for all types of outdoor cooks, experienced or just learning, old or young. It is the clean-up that can be a pain. A new high quality barbecue cleaning brush with stainless steel bristles, scrubber and scraper has just been introduced exclusively on Amazon to help your heavy duty clean-up feels like a breeze. The tool is small enough for easy holding. It removes stains quickly and works well for Weber, Char-broil, Brinkman and other brands of gas, electric and charcoal grills.

This new brush is ergonomically designed to clean effectively and quickly, the stainless steel bristles have a long lifespan and Anoska's Cleaning Brush is covered with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This new brush is designed to clean any grill easily after preparing a single burger for the chef or after grilling a couple of dozen for guests. To add more value to the customers, there is a free bonus included with each order of the brush which includes over fifty delicious BBQ recipes and grilling tips. The guide is in the form of an e-book.

Even though this 3-in-1 stainless steel barbecue cleaning tool ( has been on the market for only a short period of time, Anoska is already receiving excellent customer reviews. One said, "Perfect for a heavy grilling session of wings!!! Tried it out grilling wings for a party and it cleaned off all the gunk without breaking a sweat". Another customer said, "This is perfect for family that loves to barbecue! It cleans off so well compare to the other brushes that I had purchased in the past. It removes all the chunks that left in the grills really quick."

About Anoska

Anoska is an experienced seller of high quality barbecue accessories ( and household products.

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Company Selling IPhone 5 Armbands And Accessories Offers Free Chargers To Customers

Donnakie realeases a special offer for customers, buy an iPhone 5 Armband and recieve a data cable free.
Company Selling IPhone 5 Armbands And Accessories Offers Free Chargers To Customers
Company Selling IPhone 5 Armbands And Accessories Offers Free Chargers To Customers

July 25, 2014 – Nashville, Tennessee (24 PRESS) — Donnakie is giving away a free lightning cable with every purchase of iPhone 5 Armbands. As a family owned business Donnakie, provides customers with products at competitive prices and is now utilizing Amazon as way to reach it's customers. This gives customers two iPhone accessories for the price of one without ever having to leave the house. The offer is available for the next two weeks.

The cable, measuring 3 feet, works with any usb port (adapter not included) although the company does recommend using an original apple USB adapter. It works as both a charging cable and a data cable and is white in color and can be used in the car home, or office. The armband is black in color. Made from BPA free antimicrobial neoprene it's sweat resistant. It's features include vel-cro stitched into an adjustable strap, a pocket for a house or car key and an opening for headphones. A reflective silver border for night running surrounds a clear screen for viewing and operating the device inside. It's fits arms 9-16 inches.

Donnakie sports a one year warranty, and money back guarantee on this product. It's sold on Amazon ( which has a reputation for putting it's customers first. There is over the phone support and tracking too. With this offer Donnakie is giving back to customers everywhere and at the same time making iPhone 5 accessories available and affordable to it's customers. This deal isn't just available to Amazon but can also be found on their website ().

About Donnakie

Donnakie is an Amazon ( based business that's dedicated to providing premium products to consumers at a competitive price.

Aaron Binkley